2003 Red Square bombing

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Red Square bombing
Дом Сурошникова (гостиница "Националь").JPG
Hotel "National", Moscow
Location Mokhovaya Street 15/1, Moscow, Russia
Coordinates 55°45′24″N 37°36′51″E / 55.756608°N 37.61421°E / 55.756608; 37.61421
Date 2003-12-09
10:53 (UTC+3)
Target Fear
Attack type
Suicide attack
Deaths 6 (+1 bomber)
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators Shamil Basayev, Riyadus-Salihiin
Motive terrorism

The 2003 Red Square bombing was the 9 December 2003 suicide bombing on Mohovaja street in Moscow.

According to police, a female suicide bomber set off an explosive belt on a busy street close to the Moscow Kremlin, killing six people and injuring 44. Moscow's mayor Yuri Luzhkov reported speculation that the bomber had intended to target the nearby Moscow City Hall or State Duma instead. According to the investigation,[1] the suicide bomber was identified as Khadishat (in other sources - Khedizhi) Mangerieva, a widow of a Chechen rebel commander of Kurchaloyevsky District, Ruslan Mangeriev, who was killed during the Second Chechen War.

Inga Gizoeva's role[edit]

One of the victims, Inga (Inna) Gizoeva, was suspected to be a helper of Mangerieva. After speculation, several Russian newspapers printed apologies to Gizoeva's parents.



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