2003 TNA Super X Cup Tournament

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TNA 2003 Super X Cup Tournament
Dates September 3, 2003 – September 3, 2003
Administrator(s) Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
Tournament format(s) Knockout
Champions Chris Sabin
Participants 8
Matches played 7

The NWA TNA 2003 Super X Cup Tournament was an X Division tournament that was contested in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.


The Super X Cup Tournament was an international tournament that featured X Division wrestlers from all over the world to compete in one-on-one matches, with the winner getting a shot at the TNA X Division Championship. The 2003 Super X Cup was the first X Cup Tournament of any kind for TNA Wrestling. Competitors from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, and Japan wrestled in the Super X-Cup Tournament. Many of these competitors were brought back to TNA for future X Cup Tournaments.

Super X Cup Events[edit]

Various wrestlers from around the Globe, including Chris Sabin, Juventud Guerrera, Nosawa, Teddy Hart, and Jonny Storm, among others, competed in the Super X Cup Tournament. Chris Sabin defeated Jerry Lynn, Frankie Kazarian, and finally Juventud Guerrera to capture the Super X Cup and challenge then-X Division Champion, Matt Bentley (known then as "Michael Shane"). Sabin lost his match against Shane, and the stipulations stated that it was to be Shane's X Division Championship against Sabin's Super X Cup. However, Sabin is still officially recognized as the overall official winner of the 2003 Super X Cup. The tournament brackets were:

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Juventud Guerrera Pin
Juventud Guerrera Pin
Teddy Hart
Teddy Hart Pin
Jonny Storm
Juventud Guerrera
Chris Sabin Pin
Chris Sabin Pin
Jerry Lynn
Chris Sabin Pin
Frankie Kazarian
Frankie Kazarian Pin
Michael Shane


Since the debut of the 2003 Super X Cup Tournament, there have been various X Cup Tournaments held in TNA Wrestling throughout the years. Wrestlers from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Border City Wrestling, Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, All Japan Pro Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and other promotions have competed in the various X Cup Tournaments that have been hosted by TNA.

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