2003 World Championships in Athletics – Men's shot put

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Events at the
2003 World Championships
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These are the official results of the Men's Shot Put event at the 2003 World Championships in Paris, France. There were a total number of 31 participating athletes, with the final held on Saturday 23 August 2003.


Gold Belarus Andrei Mikhnevich
Belarus (BLR)
Silver United States Adam Nelson
United States (USA)
Bronze Ukraine Yuriy Bilonoh
Ukraine (UKR)


Qualification Round
Group A Group B
23.08.2003 – 08:30h 23.08.2003 – 08:30h
Final Round
23.08.2003 – 19:25h


  • All results shown are in metres
Q automatic qualification
q qualification by rank
DNS did not start
NM no mark
WR world record
AR area record
NR national record
PB personal best
SB season best


  • Held on Saturday 23 August 2003
1.  Yuriy Bilonoh (UKR) 20.84 m
2.  Adam Nelson (USA) 20.23 m
3.  Joachim Olsen (DEN) 20.14 m
4.  Ralf Bartels (GER) 20.06 m
5.  Milan Haborák (SVK) 19.95 m
6.  Pavel Lyzhyn (BLR) 19.84 m
7.  Petr Stehlík (CZE) 19.70 m
8.  Gheorghe Guset (ROU) 19.61 m
9.  Carl Myerscough (GBR) 19.51 m
10.  Pavel Chumachenko (RUS) 19.51 m
11.  Yury Bialou (BLR) 19.32 m
12.  Marco Antonio Verni (CHI) 19.24 m
13.  Conny Karlsson (FIN) 19.17 m
14.  Janus Robberts (RSA) 19.02 m
15.  Zsolt Bíber (HUN) 18.99 m
 Reese Hoffa (USA) NM

1.  John Godina (USA) 21.08 m
2.  Andrei Mikhnevich (BLR) 20.89 m
3.  Tepa Reinikainen (FIN) 20.55 m
4.  Ville Tiisanoja (FIN) 20.37 m
5.  Justin Anlezark (AUS) 20.28 m
6.  Roman Virastyuk (UKR) 20.28 m
7.  Bradley Snyder (CAN) 20.10 m
8.  Manuel Martínez (ESP) 19.78 m
9.  Dragan Peric (SCG) 19.55 m
10.  Miran Vodovnik (SLO) 19.23 m
11.  Rutger Smith (NED) 19.02 m
12.  Pavel Sofin (RUS) 18.66 m
13.  Yuriy Parkhomenko (UKR) 18.25 m
 Kevin Toth (USA) DQ
 Chima Ugwu (NGR) DNS


Med 1.png  Andrei Mikhnevich (BLR) 21.69 m
Med 2.png  Adam Nelson (USA) 21.26 m
Med 3.png  Yuriy Bilonoh (UKR) 21.10 m
4.  Justin Anlezark (AUS) 20.61 m
5.  Ralf Bartels (GER) 20.50 m
6.  Tepa Reinikainen (FIN) 20.45 m
7.  Ville Tiisanoja (FIN) 20.09 m
8.  John Godina (USA) 19.84 m
9.  Roman Virastyuk (UKR) 19.61 m
10.  Bradley Snyder (CAN) 19.38 m
 Kevin Toth (USA) DQ
 Joachim Olsen (DEN) DNS

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