2003 World Championships in Athletics – Women's high jump

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Events at the
2003 World Championships
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200 m men women
400 m men women
800 m men women
1500 m men women
5000 m men women
10,000 m men women
100 m hurdles women
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4×100 m relay men women
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These are the official results of the Women's High Jump event at the 2003 World Championships in Paris, France. There were a total number of 25 participating athletes, with the final held on Sunday 31 August 2003.


Gold South Africa Hestrie Cloete
South Africa (RSA)
Silver Russia Marina Kuptsova
Russia (RUS)
Bronze Sweden Kajsa Bergqvist
Sweden (SWE)


Qualification Round
Group A Group B
29.08.2003 – 18:45h 29.08.2003 – 18:45h
Final Round
31.08.2003 – 16:45h


  • All results shown are in metres
Q automatic qualification
q qualification by rank
DNS did not start
NM no mark
WR world record
AR area record
NR national record
PB personal best
SB season best


1.  Vita Styopina (UKR) 1.93 m
 Hestrie Cloete (RSA)
 Vita Palamar (UKR)
4.  Amy Acuff (USA) 1.93 m
 Marina Kuptsova (RUS)
 Juana Arrendel (DOM)
7.  Venelina Veneva (BUL) 1.93 m
8.  Marta Mendía (ESP) 1.91 m
9.  Gaëlle Niaré (FRA) 1.85 m
10.  Anne Gerd Eieland (NOR) 1.85 m
11.  Iva Straková (CZE) 1.80 m
 Miki Imai (JPN) NM
1.  Kajsa Bergqvist (SWE) 1.93 m
2.  Ruth Beitia (ESP) 1.93 m
3.  Blanka Vlašić (CRO) 1.93 m
4.  Olga Kaliturina (RUS) 1.91 m
5.  Anna Chicherova (RUS) 1.91 m
6.  Oana Pantelimon (ROU) 1.88 m
7.  Inha Babakova (UKR) 1.88 m
8.  Daniela Rath (GER) 1.88 m
9.  Antonella Bevilacqua (ITA) 1.85 m
10.  Solange Witteveen (ARG) 1.85 m
11.  Romary Rifka (MEX) 1.80 m
12.  Marina Aitova (KAZ) 1.80 m
 Gwen Wentland (USA) DNS


RANK Athlete Height
Med 1.png  Hestrie Cloete (RSA) 2.06 m
Med 2.png  Marina Kuptsova (RUS) 2.00 m
Med 3.png  Kajsa Bergqvist (SWE) 2.00 m
4.  Venelina Veneva (BUL) 1.98 m
5.  Vita Palamar (UKR) 1.95 m
6.  Anna Chicherova (RUS) 1.95 m
7.  Blanka Vlašić (CRO) 1.95 m
8.  Juana Arrendel (DOM) 1.95 m
9.  Vita Styopina (UKR) 1.90 m
 Amy Acuff (USA)
11.  Olga Kaliturina (RUS) 1.90 m
 Ruth Beitia (ESP)

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