2004–05 PBA Philippine Cup

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2004–05 PBA Philippine Cup
PBA2004-05 philcup.png
Duration October 3, 2004 – February 11, 2005
TV partner(s) ABC (Local)
The Filipino Channel (International)
Champions Barangay Ginebra Kings
Runners-up Talk 'N Text Phone Pals
Best Player Eric Menk (Brgy. Ginebra)
Finals MVP Eric Menk (Brgy. Ginebra)
PBA Philippine Cup chronology
PBA conference chronology

The 2004–05 PBA Philippine Cup, or known as the 2004-05 Gran Matador Brandy-PBA Philippine Cup for sponsorship reasons, was the All-Filipino Conference of the Philippine Basketball Association's (PBA) 2004-05 season.

The Barangay Ginebra Kings won its first back-to-back titles, with a 4-2 conquest of the Talk 'N Text Phone Pals. The series was marred by a controversial reversal of the Phone Pals' Game 1 victory after fielding in an ineligible Asi Taulava in the said game. Taulava was serving an indefinite suspension after being cited as one of six Filipino-American players with questionable citizenship papers.

The San Miguel Beermen won third place after beating the Shell Turbo Chargers in a one-game playoff.

Eric Menk won another Best Player of the Conference Award, his third in his PBA career.

Chot Reyes left his post as the Coca-Cola Tigers head coach to become the new coach of the Philippine national basketball team

Classification round[edit]

Qualified for semifinals
Qualified for wildcards with
the twice-to-beat advantage
Qualified for wildcards
Qualified for wildcards with the
twice-to-win disadvantage
1 Barangay Ginebra Kings 13 5 .722 -
2 Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 12 6 .667 1 NA* Symbol confirmed.svg
3 Shell Turbo Chargers 12 6 .667 1 NA* Symbol unrelated.svg
4 Alaska Aces 9 9 .500 4 +16 Symbol confirmed.svg
5 San Miguel Beermen 9 9 .500 4 +11 Symbol unrelated.svg
6 Purefoods TJ Hotdogs 9 9 .500 4 -27
7 Coca-Cola Tigers 8 10 .444 5
8 Sta. Lucia Realtors 6 12 .333 7 +15
9 FedEx Express 6 12 .333 7 +4
10 Red Bull Barako 6 12 .333 7 -19

NA* = teams tied for 2nd and 4th would have to play an extra game regardless of the results of their classification round games.

Second-seed playoff[edit]

January 5
Shell Turbo Chargers 79, Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 85

Fourth-seed playoff[edit]

January 5
Alaska Aces 98, San Miguel Beermen 91


  Wildcard phase     Quarterfinals
    (#4 twice to beat)                                  
  4 Alaska 96  
  9 FedEx 93  
            4 Alaska 0    
    (Best-of-3)       5 San Miguel 2     5 San Miguel 2  
  5 San Miguel 2     1 Barangay Ginebra 3  
  8 Sta. Lucia 0  
    1 Barangay Ginebra 4
    (#3 twice-to-beat)     2 Talk 'N Text 2
  3 Shell 98  
  10 Red Bull 77       2 Talk 'N Text 3
            3 Shell 2     3 Shell 0  
    (Best-of-3)     6 Purefoods 1     Third-place playoff
  6 Purefoods 2   5 San Miguel 105
  7 Coca-Cola 1     3 Shell 100

Wildcard phase[edit]

The #3 vs. #10 and the #4 vs. #9 matchups are in the "twice-to-beat" format; the team with the higher seed only needs to win once to advance, but needs to be beaten twice in order to be eliminated. The other two matchups are a best-of-three series.

Shell–Red Bull series[edit]

January 11
Shell Turbo Chargers 98, Red Bull Barako 77
Shell advances to the quarterfinals

Alaska–FedEx series[edit]

January 11
Alaska Aces 96, FedEx Express 93
Alaska advances to the quarterfinals

San Miguel–Sta. Lucia series[edit]

January 9
San Miguel Beermen 98, Sta. Lucia Realtors 84
January 12
San Miguel Beermen 81, Sta. Lucia Realtors 77
San Miguel wins series, 2–0

Purefoods–Coca-Cola series[edit]

January 9
Purefoods TJ Hotdogs 91, Coca-Cola Tigers 85
January 12
Purefoods TJ Hotdogs 74, Coca-Cola Tigers 81
January 13
Purefoods TJ Hotdogs 74, Coca-Cola Tigers 71
Purefoods wins series, 2–1


Shell–Purefoods series[edit]

January 14
Shell Turbo Chargers 71, Purefoods TJ Hotdogs 69
January 16
Shell Turbo Chargers 77, Purefoods TJ Hotdogs 90
January 18
Shell Turbo Chargers 106, Purefoods TJ Hotdogs 95
Shell wins series, 2–1

Alaska–San Miguel series[edit]

January 14
Alaska Aces 87, San Miguel Beermen 91
January 16
Alaska Aces 86, San Miguel Beermen 97
San Miguel wins series, 2–0


Barangay Ginebra–San Miguel series[edit]

January 19
Barangay Ginebra Kings 87, San Miguel Beermen 96
January 21
Barangay Ginebra Kings 100, San Miguel Beermen 92
January 23
Barangay Ginebra Kings 91, San Miguel Beermen 96
January 26
Barangay Ginebra Kings 94, San Miguel Beermen 92
January 28
Barangay Ginebra Kings 76, San Miguel Beermen 71
Barangay Ginebra wins series, 3–2

Talk 'N Text–Shell series[edit]

January 19
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 101, Shell Turbo Chargers 89
January 21
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 92, Shell Turbo Chargers 84
January 23
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 102, Shell Turbo Chargers 96
Talk 'N Text wins series, 3–0

Third-place playoff[edit]

January 30
San Miguel Beermen 105, Shell Turbo Chargers 100


January 30
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 89, Barangay Ginebra Kings 71
Scoring by quarter: 24-19, 22-18, 22-16, 21-18
Pts: Jimmy Alapag 19
Rebs: Willie Miller 10
Asts: Willie Miller 8
Pts: Eric Menk 23
Rebs: Sunday Salvacion 13
Asts: Rodney Santos 4
Talk 'N Text leads series, 1-0
Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
Attendance: 19,093
Referees: Cruz, Montiel, Quilinguen
PBA commissioner Noli Eala forfeited Game 1 in favor of Ginebra since Asi Taulava, who was still suspended by the league, participated in the game.
Barangay Ginebra leads series, 1-0
February 2
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 105, Barangay Ginebra Kings 106
Scoring by quarter: 32-35, 22-32, 24-22, 27-17
Pts: Willie Miller 22
Rebs: Willie Miller 10
Asts: Willie Miller 10
Pts: Eric Menk 27
Rebs: Eric Menk 11
Asts: Mark Caguioa 6
Barangay Ginebra leads series, 2-0
Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
Attendance: 19,698
Referees: Ilagan, Ramos, Herrera
February 4
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 102, Barangay Ginebra Kings 66
Scoring by quarter: 25-12, 29-20, 25-19, 23-15
Pts: Willie Miller 25
Rebs: de Ocampo, Pablo 9 each
Asts: Jimmy Alapag 6
Pts: Menk, Caguioa 14 each
Rebs: Eric Menk 9
Asts: Aries Dimaunahan 8
Barangay Ginebra leads series, 2-1
Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
Attendance: 19,149
Referees: Cruz, Calungcaguin, Culanag
February 6
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 90, Barangay Ginebra Kings 85
Scoring by quarter: 19-26, 22-21, 20-23, 29-15
Pts: Willie Miller 29
Rebs: Yancy de Ocampo 10
Asts: Jimmy Alapag 8
Pts: Mark Caguioa 43
Rebs: Sunday Salvacion 12
Asts: Eric Menk 5
Talk 'N Text ties series, 2-2
Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
Attendance: 19,257
Referees: Ilagan, Ramos, Aldaba
February 9
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 85, Barangay Ginebra Kings 95 (2OT)
Scoring by quarter: 23-14, 9-19, 26-24, 15-16, Overtime: 8-8, 14-4
Pts: Victor Pablo 27
Rebs: Victor Pablo 10
Asts: Jimmy Alapag 11
Pts: Mark Caguioa 26
Rebs: Eric Menk 16
Asts: Dimaunahan, Santos 6 each
Barangay Ginebra leads series, 3-2
Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
Attendance: 19,723
Referees: Cruz, Montiel, Aldaba
February 11
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 86, Barangay Ginebra Kings 96
Scoring by quarter: 14-20, 31-22, 12-22, 29-32
Pts: Jimmy Alapag 23
Rebs: Mark Telan 12
Asts: Miller, Alapag 4 each
Pts: Eric Menk 39
Rebs: Eric Menk 19
Asts: Caguioa, Santos 4 each
Barangay Ginebra wins series, 4-2
Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
Attendance: 18,287
Referees: Cruz, Montiel, Culanag

On January 26, 2005, Judge Rogelio Pizarro of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 222 issued a writ of preliminary mandatory injunction "commanding and directing" the PBA to allow Taulava "to play in the current All Filipino Conference and succeeding Conferences of the PBA" during the term of his contract.[1] This was after Taulava passed citizenship papers that should've allowed him to play in the league; earlier, he was indefinitely suspended from playing after his Filipino citizenship was nullified (only Filipinos are allowed to play in the Philippine Cup).

The PBA Board of Governors refused to honor the court order, upholding Commissioner Noli Eala's suspension of Taulava after consultation with the league's legal counsel. Taulava's lawyer Ed Francisco charged Eala with giving the board wrong legal advice.[1] Taulava did play at Game 1, in which Talk 'N Text won easily 89-71. As Taulava was being introduced, the pro-Ginebra crowd jeered him as the outnumbered Talk 'N Text crowd greeted him with cheers, displaying placards with a message "Welcome Back!" Eala himself had considered quitting his commissioner's post as he received a phone call "to make sure that Asi Taulava be allowed to play". After the game, Barangay Ginebra filed a protest to the commissioner's office.[2] Talk 'N Text intends to play Taulava for the entire duration of the series.[3]

Barangay Ginebra reportedly indicated that the team may forfeit the Finals series if Taulava continues to be allowed to play and Game 1 won't be forfeited.[4] The league has issued a motion for reconsideration on the court order, and Eala said that Talk 'N Text may face sanctions for violating league rules.[5] In a board meeting on February 1, there was a "heated clash" between Eala and Talk 'N Text alternate representative Paul Gueco in which Gueco reportedly challenged Eala to make a decision on the Taulava case by himself and to tell Talk N Text what his decision was, a statement supported by board chairman Buddy Encarnado of the Sta. Lucia Realtors.[6]

Talk 'N Text did not field Taulava in Game 2 "in the interest of the Philippine Basketball Association and the public", even though Eala was filed of contempt charges, and Talk 'N Text's Game 1 win was forfeited against Ginebra.[7] Ginebra won against Talk 'N Text by one point, thanks to Eric Menk's last basket with 5.2 seconds left to play. Ginebra's defense disallowed an attempt from the Phone Pals leading to the 2–0 series lead.[8] Francisco pointed out that new rules and regulations covering the eligibility of Filipino-foreign players such as Taulava, who was declared eligible by the PBA based on the Bureau of Immigration clearance and Department of Justice (DOJ) affirmation in 2001, cannot be subject to additional rules or conditions imposed retroactively and any such changes can only be applied prospectively. The DOJ, for its part, considered on intervening and seek a reversal of the court’s ruling allowing the cager to play anew in the PBA despite the DOJ's findings that he is not a Filipino; although they won't intervene if the Court of Appeals would rule favorably on the justice department's petition seeking to lift an injunction against it issued by the Manila RTC on the separate issue of Taulava's deportation. DOJ Secretary Raul Gonzalez said that the rulings of the Quezon City and Manila RTC constitute "undue interference by the courts." Parañaque Congressman Eduardo Zialcita would seek a congressional inquiry into Eala's "continued defiance" on the court orders.[7]

Negros Oriental Congressman Jacinto Paras asked the Games and Amusement Board (GAB) to investigate Eala for his "questionable and dictatorial acts" as the PBA is under the direct jurisdiction of the GAB. Meanwhile, the Phone Pals appealed to the Board of Governors to reverse Eala's prior decisions of forfeiting game 1 and for the reinstatement of Taulava.[9] Meanwhile, with all of the publicity, the tournament scored the highest TV ratings in years, with ratings of at least 11% and an audience share of at least 17.4%.[10]


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