2004 Arashi! Iza, Now Tour!!

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2004 Arashi! Iza, Now Tour!!
Arashi - 2004 Arashi Iza, Now Tour.jpg
Video by Arashi
Released January 1, 2005
Recorded August 3, 2004 at Yokohama Arena
Genre J-pop, Hip-pop, Pop, R&B
Language Japanese
Label J Storm
Arashi chronology
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2004 Arashi! Iza, Now Tour!!
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2004 Arashi! Iza, Now Tour!! (2004 嵐! いざッ、Now Tour!!) is the video release of Japanese boyband Arashi which documented their 2004 summer concert tour in conjunction with the promotion and release of their album, Iza, Now!. The DVD was released on January 1, 2005.[1]

The DVD will be re-released by avex Taiwan on 14th Aug 2009 .

History and highlights[edit]

The DVD was shot at their concert at Yokohama Arena on August 3, 2004. Backstage footages of Arashi arrival and departure from every venue on the tour were also included in Disc 2. The MC, a customary short talk during the intermission, was also included which exhibit Arashi natural sense of humor and camaraderie.

Typical of any Johnny's concerts, Iza Now Tour included extravagant sets and stage design. The main stage consist of a large half globe structure that opens up for Arashi's entrance to new songs or different sets while huge LED screens displayed close-ups of the performances or graphics as added effect. The small adjoining walkway were constructed of inflatable material that made them bounce while walking on it. There was also a concave walkway that was at eye level with a part of the arena area audience. Raising platforms and cranes were also used so that the Arashi members will be able to get closer to the audience on the second floor.

Variety of themes can be observed for different parts of the set list. The first set of performance (Overture, Jam, Gori Muchuu, Pikanchi and Pikanchi Double) were presented in futuristic themed wardrobes in addition with use of pyrotechnics and lights. The setting changed dramatically to an African safari like set for Horizon, accompanied by an army of camouflaged Johnny's Junior (back up dancers). The songs for this set (Horizon, Dangan-Liner and Nemuranai Karada) were remixed in accordance with the African theme.

Performance of Lucky Man right to Eyes With Delight was done in a laid back manner. Eyes With Delight was recorded in multiple angles focusing on each member plus one edited shots of all of them together.

Strumming of a Spanish guitar commenced the beginning of a new rendition of Tomadoi Nagara in a slower beat and acoustic Spanish influenced sound. The beautiful ballad was performed with images of Spain reflected on the screen in the background. Kimi Wa Sukoshimo Warukunai which was a pure pop song was upgraded with flamenco beat resulting to a fresh new arrangement. Arashi who were dressed in dark magenta suits with lace finishing, danced the flamenco while the fangirls screamed in approval.

After the solos by Ninomiya and Matsujun, Arashi performed a rock remixed version of their hit song "A Day in Our Life". An energetic dance performance of "RIGHT BACK TO YOU" follows. The dance was performed on an elevated stage. The set of songs after that consist of happy songs setting the mood before they bid their farewells.

"Top Secret"[edit]

Top Secret is a solo song sung by Satoshi Ohno. It was not released in any of their studio albums and was initially to be made exclusively for this tour. The brilliant pop-lock influenced dance sequel was choreographed by Ohno himself and backed up by Mad. His amazing performing skill was in full display with intricate and fast dance moves executed in sync to the beat of the music while also hitting the notes perfectly.

"Anti Anti"[edit]

A solo song by Sho Sakurai with hip hop and rock influence. The song addressed his feelings towards the anti Johnny's as well as typical public perception towards idols. Pyrotechnics was used at the end of the performance.

"Yasashikutte Sukoshi Baka"[edit]

"Yasashikutte Sukoshi Baka" is one of the songs included in Iza, Now! album but was performed as a solo by Masaki Aiba.


Solo Song by Kazunari Ninomiya
Released January 1, 2005
Recorded August 13, 2004 in Yokohama Arena
Label J Storm
Writer(s) Kazunari Ninomiya
Composer(s) Kazunari Ninomiya

A solo song written by Ninomiya and performed live on the Iza now Tour.

Kako (痕跡 Scar?), also known as Konseki, is a song composed by Kazunari Ninomiya and was performed throughout the whole 'Iza, Now !' concert tour. It is the first Ninomiya composed song which has an official release. Admittedly due to feeling self-conscious of his work, he begged the staff not to include the performance on DVD.

Song information and structure[edit]

  • Lyrics and Composed by: Kazunari Ninomiya
  • Arranged by: ha-j

Note: The song is recorded entirely in Japanese, and inaccuracies in translation are inevitable.

The title of the song was initially thought to be pronounced as Konseki which is the literal pronunciation of the kanji used. Ninomiya later clarified in Baystorm that the title of the song is to be read as Kako which means "scar". The song tells a sad story of love loss with lyrical metaphors and imagery. Old Japanese words were also used thus giving a more poetic feel to it.

A studio recorded version was aired on Ninomiya's radio show, Baystorm at Bay FM. The song was also performed live with acoustic guitar on Mago Mago Arashi (variety program hosted by Arashi) as a present to the grandparents that hosted the mago mago (grandchildren).

"La Familia"[edit]

Jun Matsumoto wrote the lyrics for his solo "La Familia". The song describes his relationship with the rest of Arashi members.

Track list[edit]

Disc 1[1]

  1. "Overture"
  2. "Jam"
  3. "Gori Muchuu" (五里霧中?)
  4. "Pikanchi"
  5. "Pikanchi Double"
  6. "Horizon"
  7. "Dangan-Liner"
  8. "Nemuranai Karada" (眠らないカラダ?)
  9. "Dear My Friend"
  10. "Top Secret"1
  11. "Lucky Man"
  12. "Hadashi No Mirai"
  13. "Kimi Dake wo Omotteru" (君だけを想ってる?)
  14. "Eyes with Delight"6
  15. "Unti Unti"2
  16. "Tomadoi Nagara"
  17. "Kimi Wa Sukoshimo Warukunai" (君は少しも悪くない?)
  18. "Yasashikutte Sukoshi Baka" (優しくって少しバカ?)3
  19. "Hitomi No Naka No Galaxy"
  20. "Kako" (痕跡?)4
  21. "La Familia"5
  22. "A Day in Our Life"
  23. "Right Back to You"
  24. "Arashi No Mae No Shizukesa" (嵐のまえの静けさ?)
  25. "Kimi No Tame Ni Boku Ga Iru" (君のために僕がいる?)
  26. "Sunrise Nippon"
  27. "Arashi"
  28. "Tochuu Gesha" (途中下車?)
  29. "Kotoba Yori Taisetsuna Mono"
  30. "Hero"
  31. "Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi"

1 2 3 4 5 Satoshi Ohno, Sho Sakurai, Masaki Aiba, Kazunari Ninomiya and Jun Matsumoto solo songs, respectively.
6 In addition to a normal view of the track, the DVD featured a five multi-angle option.

Disc 2

  1. MC in Yokohama Arena
  2. Backstage: Entrance
  3. Backstage: Exit


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