2004 Cannes Film Festival

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2004 Cannes Film Festival
Official poster of the 57th Cannes Film Festival featuring an illustration by Alerte Orange.[1]
Opening filmLa mala educación
Closing filmDe-Lovely
LocationCannes, France
AwardsPalme d'Or (Fahrenheit 9/11)[2]
Hosted byLaura Morante
No. of films19 (En Competition)[3]
21 (Un Certain Regard)
19 (Out of Competition)
18 (Cinéfondation)
10 (Short Film)
Festival date12 May 2004 (2004-05-12) – 23 May 2004 (2004-05-23)

The 57th Cannes Film Festival started on 12 and ran until 23 May 2004. The Palme d'Or went to the American film Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore.[4][5][6]

The festival opened with La mala educación, directed by Pedro Almodóvar[7] and closed with De-Lovely, directed by Irwin Winkler.[8] Laura Morante was mistress of the ceremonies.[4]

2004 Un Certain Regard poster adapted from Marjane Satrapi's illustration.[9]


Quentin Tarantino, Jury President
Jeremy Thomas, President of the Un Certain Regard Jury

Main competition[edit]

The following people were appointed as the Jury for the feature films of the 2004 Official Selection:[10]

Un Certain Regard[edit]

The following people were appointed as the Jury of the 2004 Un Certain Regard:

  • Jeremy Thomas (producer) (U.K.) President
  • Carlos Gomez (critic) (Spain)
  • Baba Richerme (journalist) (Italy)
  • Eric Libiot (critic) (France)
  • Eva Zaoralova (artistic director of the Karlovy Vary Festival) (Czech Republic)
  • Michel Demopoulos (critic) (Greece)

Cinéfondation and short films[edit]

The following people were appointed as the Jury of the Cinéfondation and short films competition:

Camera d'Or[edit]

The following people were appointed as the Jury of the 2004 Camera d'Or:

  • Tim Roth (actor, director) (U.K.) President
  • Alain Choquart (cinematographer) (France)
  • Alberto Barbera (Director of museum) (Italy)
  • Aldo Tassone (critic) (Italy)
  • Anne Theron (director) (France)
  • Diego Galan (critic) (Spain)
  • Isabelle Frilley (representative of the technical industries) (France)
  • Laure Protat (cinephile) (France)
  • Nguyen Trong Binh (distributor) (France)

Official selection[edit]

In competition - Feature film[edit]

The following feature films competed for the Palme d'Or:[3]

Un Certain Regard[edit]

The following films were selected for the competition of Un Certain Regard:[3]

Films out of competition[edit]

The following films were selected to be screened out of competition:[3]


The following short films were selected for the competition of Cinéfondation:[3]

  • 99 ans de ma vie by Marja Mikkonen
  • Beita Shel Meshoreret by Haim Tabakman
  • Calatorie la oras by Corneliu Porumboiu
  • Fajnie, ze jestes by Jan Komasa
  • Footnote by Pia Borg
  • Gaia by Amarante Abramovici
  • Happy Now by Frederikke Aspöck
  • Kis Apokrif N°2 by Kornél Mundruczó
  • Kontakt by Martin Duda
  • Nebraska by Olga Zurawska
  • Playing Dead by David Hunt
  • Propheties du passe by Fabien Greenberg
  • Proyect Gvul by Tamar Singer, Dani Rosenberg, Nadav Lapid, Adi Halfin, Rima Essa
  • Son Of Satan by Jj Villard
  • The Happiness Thief by Derek Boyes
  • The Rick by Tim McCarthy
  • The Wings by Hae-young Seo
  • Wonderful Harusame by Ayumi Aoyama

Short film competition[edit]

The following short films competed for the Short Film Palme d'Or:[3]

Cannes Classics[edit]

For the third year, the Cannes Festival selected "some of world cinema's masterpieces and rarities" for the audience. The following films were projected in the "Salle Buñuel" during the festival.[11]


Restored Prints

Parallel sections[edit]

International Critics' Week[edit]

The following films were screened for the 43rd International Critics' Week (43e Semaine de la Critique):[13]

Feature film competition

Short film competition

  • Alice and I (Alice et moi) by Micha Wald (Belgium)
  • Breaking Out by Marianela Maldonado (United States)
  • Con Diva (With Diva) by Sebastian Mantilla (Spain)
  • L’homme sans ombre by Georges Schwizgebel (Canada, Switzerland)
  • Los elefantes nunca olvidan by Lorenzo Vigas Castès (Venezuela, Mexico)
  • Ryan by Chris Landreth (Canada)
  • Signes de vie by Arnaud Demuynck (France, Belgium)

Special screenings

Directors' Fortnight[edit]

The following films were screened for the 2004 Directors' Fortnight (Quinzaine des Réalizateurs):[14]

Short films
  • A Feather Stare at the Dark by Naoyuki Tsuji (Japan)
  • Capitaine Achab by Philippe Ramos (France)
  • Charlotte by Ulrike Von Ribbeck (Germany)
  • Fill in the Blanks by Kim Youn-Sung (South Korea)
  • Frontier by Jun Miyazaki (Japan)
  • La petite chambre by Élodie Monlibert (France)
  • La peur, petit chasseur by Laurent Achard (France)
  • Le dieu Saturne by Jean-Charles Fitoussi (France)
  • Le droit chemin by Mathias Gokalp (France)
  • Odya by Edgar Bartenev (Russia)
  • Tristesse beau visage by Jean Paul Civeyrac (France)
  • Vostok 1' by Jan Andersen (France)


Michael Moore, 2004 Palme d'Or winner
Park Chan-wook, Gran Prix winner

Official awards[edit]

The following films and people received the 2004 Official selection awards:[2][4][5]

Un Certain Regard[15]


Golden Camera

Short films

Independent awards[edit]

FIPRESCI Prizes[16][5]

Vulcan Award of the Technical Artist

Ecumenical Jury[17]

Award of the Youth[18]

Awards in the frame of International Critics' Week[5][18]

Association Prix François Chalais


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