2004 Chatham Cup

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2004 Chatham Cup
Dates September 6, 2004
Championship venue North Harbour Stadium, North Shore
Champions Miramar Rangers (3rd title)
Runners-up Waitakere City
Championship match score 1–0 (golden goal extra time)
Jack Batty Memorial Cup Tim Butterfield (Miramar Rangers)

The 2004 Chatham Cup was the 77th annual nationwide knockout football competition in New Zealand.

Up to the last 16 of the competition, the cup was run in three regions (northern, central, and southern), with an open draw from the quarter-finals on. In all, 133 teams took part in the competition. Different publications give different numbers for the rounds in the competition, with some showingtwo preliminary rounds followed by four rounds proper prior to quarter-finals, semi-finals and a final, and others showing one preliminary round followed by five rounds proper. The latter designations are used for the results below.

Extra time played during the 2004 Chatham Cup used the golden goal rule.

One surprise of the 2004 competition was the performance of Sunday league social team Internationale, who reached the last 32 of the competition

The 2004 final[edit]

The final was the only Chatham Cup final to be decided by golden goal, with a Michele Zannoto goal in the 16th minute of extra time breaking the deadlock in favour of Miramar Rangers.

The Jack Batty Memorial Cup is awarded to the player adjudged to have made to most positive impact in the Chatham Cup final. The winner of the 2004 Jack Batty Memorial Cup was Tim Butterfield of Miramar Rangers.


Third Round[edit]

Christchurch United 1 – 3 Western (Christchurch)

Fencibles United (Auckland) 4 – 0 Bohemian Celtic (Auckland)

Kerikeri 2 – 1 Dispensary Bar (Auckland)

Lynn-Avon United (Auckland) 5 – 1 Cambridge

Manawatu (Palmerston North) 3 – 2 Red Sox (Palmerston North)

Metro (Auckland) 1 – 0 Papakura

Waitakere City 4 – 0 Bay Olympic (Auckland)

Waterside Karori 2 – 0 Kapiti Coast United (Raumati Beach)
* Won on penalties by Christchurch Rangers (5-4), Internationale (7-6), and Upper Hutt City (4-2)

Fourth Round[edit]

* Won on penalties by Waitakere City (6-5)

Fifth Round[edit]

July 3
Kerikeri 0 – 10 Eastern Suburbs
Edwards 2, Perry 2, Webber 2, Van Steeden 2, Pearce (pen.), Easthope

July 3
Lower Hutt City 5 – 0 Upper Hutt City
Garcias 3, Adams, Malivuk

July 4
Lynn-Avon United 1 – 2 (aet) East Coast Bays
Hodgson Broderson, Crump

July 3
Mangere United 1 – 2 (aet) Waitakere City
Major (pen.) Williams, Bright

July 3
Miramar Rangers 3 – 2 (aet) Wellington Olympic
B. Little 2, Ryan Lupi, Brown

July 4
Takapuna 0 – 7 Central United
Callinan 3 (1 pen.), McCormack 2, Sykes, Coombes

July 4
Western 2 – 0 Caversham
Hughes, Clapham


July 24
East Coast Bays 2 – 3 (aet) Waitakere City
Hyde, Sturm Slack, Gray (pen.), o.g.

July 24
Lower Hutt City 2 – 3 (aet) Eastern Suburbs
Adams, Garcias Bola, Webber, Van Steeden

July 25
Western 1 – 2 Miramar Rangers
Turnbull Butterfield (pen.), G. Little



September 6
Miramar Rangers 1 – 0 (aet) Waitakere City
North Harbour Stadium, North Shore
Referee: P. O'Leary