2004 Recopa Sudamericana

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2004 Recopa Sudamericana
Cienciano won the penalty shootout
Date September 7, 2004
Venue Lockhart Stadium, Fort Lauderdale
Referee Terry Vaughn (United States)
Attendance 7,000

The 2004 Recopa Sudamericana was the 12th Recopa Sudamericana, an annual football match between the winners of the previous season's Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana competitions.

The match was contested by Boca Juniors, winners of the 2003 Copa Libertadores, and Cienciano, winners of the 2003 Copa Sudamericana, on September 7, 2004. Cienciano managed to defeat Boca Juniors 2-4 on penalties after a 1-1 tie to win their first Recopa and obtain their second international title.[1]

Qualified teams[edit]

Team Previous finals appearances (bold indicates winners)
Argentina Boca Juniors 1990
Peru Cienciano None

Match details[edit]

Cienciano Peru 1–1 Argentina Boca Juniors
Saraz Goal 89' Report Tevez Goal 33'
Penalty scored Ibarra
Penalty scored Lobatón
Penalty scored Portilla
Penalty scored Acasiete
4–2 Schiavi Penalty scored
Tevez Penalty missed
Palermo Penalty scored
Vargas Penalty missed
Boca Juniors
GK 1 Peru Óscar Ibáñez (c) YC 33'
DF 15 Peru Alessandro Morán YC 14' Substituted off 60b'
DF 2 Peru Santiago Acasiete
DF 4 Colombia Manuel Arboleda YC 7'
DF 13 Peru Giuliano Portilla
MF 8 Peru Juan Carlos Bazalar
MF 14 Peru Juan Carlos La Rosa
MF 25 Peru Paolo de la Haza
MF 10 Uruguay Luis Daniel Gamarra YC 89'
FW 7 Peru Miguel Mostto YC 33' Substituted off 60a'
FW 9 Peru Germán Carty Substituted off 73'
FW 17 Colombia Rodrigo Saráz Substituted in 60a'
MF 17 Peru Carlos Lobatón Substituted in 60b'
FW 17 Argentina Sergio Ibarra Substituted in 73'
Peru Freddy Ternero
GK 1 Argentina Roberto Abbondanzieri
DF 4 Argentina José María Calvo
DF 2 Argentina Rolando Schiavi
DF 13 Argentina Cristian Traverso
DF 3 Paraguay Claudio Morel Rodríguez
MF 8 Argentina Diego Cagna (c)
MF 5 Argentina Raúl Alfredo Cascini
MF 11 Argentina Pablo Ledesma Substituted off 80'
MF 14 Argentina Andrés Guglielminpietro Substituted off 67'
FW 9 Argentina Martín Palermo
FW 10 Argentina Carlos Tevez
MF 20 Colombia Fabián Vargas Substituted in 67'
DF 6 Argentina Aníbal Matellán Substituted in 80'
Argentina Miguel Ángel Brindisi


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