2004 Reform Party presidential primaries

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2004 Reform Party presidential primaries

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  Ralph Nader headshot.jpg 3x4.svg
Nominee Ralph Nader Ted Weill
Party Independent Reform
Home state Connecticut Mississippi

The Reform Party of the United States of America held primary elections for its presidential candidate in May 2004. Ralph Nader was overwhelmingly endorsed as candidate.[1]

For a time, it seemed as though industrialist Ted Weill, among the party's most widely respected members, would become the front-runner for the nomination.[1] When he learned that Ralph Nader would also seek the party's nomination, he dropped out of the race and endorsed Nader's candidacy. He ultimately contributed thousands of dollars to Nader's political campaigns.[2] During his acceptance speech at the 2004 Reform Party National Convention in Irving, Texas, Nader thanked Weill for his support.[3]



Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader of Connecticut

Withdrew during primary elections[edit]

Businessperson Ted Weill of Mississippi

Declined to run[edit]