2004 Romanian local elections

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Local elections were held in Romania in late May 2004, and a runoff for mayors in early June 2004.

In late May elections were held for:

  • all the villages, communes, cities, and municipal councils (Local Councils, Romanian: Consilii Locale), and the Sectors Local Councils of Bucharest (Romanian: Consilii Locale de Sector)
  • the 41 County Councils (Romanian: Consilii Judeţene), and the Bucharest Municipal General Council (Romanian: Consiliul General Al Municipiului Bucureşti).
  • all the mayors (Romanian: Primarii)
    • of the villages, cities, and municipalities
    • of the Sectors of Bucharest (Romanian: Primarii de Sector)
    • The General Mayor of The Municipality of Bucharest (Romanian: Primarul General al Municipiului Bucureşti)

In early June elections were held, on a runoff system, for all the mayor positions in which nobody received at least 50% of the votes in late May.

Map of the Romanian counties based on the party of the president of the County Council
Map of the sectors based on the current party of the mayor
Map of the sectors based on the party of the mayor after the 2004 local elections