2004 World's Strongest Man

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2004 World's Strongest Man
Host city The Bahamas Nassau, Bahamas
Winner Ukraine Vasyl Virastyuk
Nations participating 13
Athletes participating 14

The 2004 World's Strongest Man was the 27th edition of World's Strongest Man and was won by Vasyl Virastyuk from Ukraine. It was his first title after finishing third the previous year. Zydrunas Savickas from Lithuania finished second for the third year in a row. Originally Mariusz Pudzianowski from Poland finished third, but was later disqualified after testing positive for a banned substance, thus third place was given to Magnus Samuelsson from Sweden. The contest was held in Nassau, Bahamas.[1] The qualifying heats saw a major format change, going from the traditional 5-6 man heats with the top 2 going to the finals. This year's format was a 12-man round-robin competition taking place over 5 days, with the top six going onto the finals.

Qualifying heats[edit]

#[2] Name[2] Nationality[2] Points[2]
1 Vasyl Virastyuk Ukraine Ukraine 55
2 Mariusz Pudzianowski Poland Poland 55
3 Zydrunas Savickas Lithuania Lithuania 54
4 Raimonds Bergmanis Latvia Latvia 50
5 Magnus Samuelsson Sweden Sweden 49
6 Svend Karlsen Norway Norway 48
7 Tomi Lotta Finland Finland 46
8 Andrus Murumets Estonia Estonia 40 (replaced Steve Kirit)
9 Mark Felix Grenada Grenada 37
10 Adrian Rollinson United Kingdom United Kingdom 34
11 René Minkwitz Denmark Denmark 31
12 Brian Turner United Kingdom United Kingdom 25 (replaced Hugo Girard)
- Hugo Girard Canada Canada Withdrew due to injury
- Steve Kirit United States United States Withdrew due to injury

Final results[edit]

#[1] Name[1] Nationality[1] Pts[1]
1 Vasyl Virastyuk Ukraine Ukraine 37
2 Zydrunas Savickas Lithuania Lithuania 36
3 Magnus Samuelsson Sweden Sweden 29
4 Raimonds Bergmanis Latvia Latvia 19
5 Svend Karlsen Norway Norway 9 (Injured)[3][4]
x Mariusz Pudzianowski Poland Poland Disqualified[3][4][5]


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