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List of years in Australian television



Program Channel Debut date
Fergus McPhail Network Ten 2 January
Surfing the Menu [1] ABC 14 January
My Restaurant Rules [2] Seven Network 1 February
Deal Or No Deal [2] Seven Network 1 February
ttn Network Ten 3 February
Fireflies ABC 7 February
The Einstein Factor ABC 8 February
Strictly Dancing [2] ABC 11 February
The Resort Network Ten February
The Hot House Network Ten February
Coxy's Big Break Seven Network 17 April
At the Movies ABC 1 July
Wicked Science Network Ten 2 July
Parallax Nine Network 5 August
John Safran vs God SBS 30 August
Dancing with the Stars [2] Seven Network 5 October
New MacDonald's Farm Nine Network 11 October
Foreign Exchange Nine Network 5 November

Pay TV[edit]

Program Channel Debut date
Love My Way [2] FOX8 22 November

New International Programming[edit]

Program Channel Debut date
United States Stanley Seven Network 3 January
Japan Hamtaro Network Ten 26 January
United States/Mexico/Canada ¡Mucha Lucha! Nine Network 8 February
United Kingdom Death in Holy Orders ABC 8 February
United States Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law SBS 20 February
New Zealand Freaky ABC 23 February
United Kingdom The Way Things Work ABC 23 February
United States The Fairly OddParents ABC 1 March
United Kingdom Boohbah ABC 1 March
United States Fillmore! Seven Network 6 March
United Kingdom The Basil Brush Show ABC 9 March
Japan Dragon Ball GT Network Ten 15 March
Canada Max and Ruby ABC 22 March
United Kingdom/United States/Republic of Ireland Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks ABC 29 March
United Kingdom Wide-Eye ABC 29 March
United States Lilo and Stitch: The Series Seven Network 3 April
United Kingdom Boo! ABC 5 April
Japan Astro Boy (2003) ABC 15 April
Canada/United States Franny's Feet ABC 3 May
United Kingdom Metalheads ABC 5 May
United States He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002) Network Ten 8 May
France Pigeon Boy ABC 10 May
United States Grim and Evil Nine Network 16 May
United States The Proud Family Seven Network 5 June
France/Canada Potatoes and Dragons ABC 7 June
United States Play With Me Sesame ABC 5 July
United States NCIS Network Ten 6 July
Japan Zoids: Fuzors Network Ten 17 July
United Kingdom New Tricks ABC 23 July
Japan Transformers: Energon Network Ten 14 August
United States Tutenstein ABC 6 September
United States Cold Case Nine Network 7 September
United States/Japan Sonic X Network Ten 13 September
Japan Duel Masters Network Ten 17 September
United Kingdom Hustle ABC 19 September
United Kingdom Peppa Pig ABC 4 October
Canada Atomic Betty ABC 14 October
United Kingdom Little Britain ABC 21 October
United States Time Squad Nine Network 2 November
United Kingdom Himalaya with Michael Palin ABC 13 November
United States Firefly Seven Network 24 November
United Kingdom Powers ABC 26 November
United Kingdom Creature Comforts ABC 2 December
United Kingdom French Leave ABC 3 December
United Kingdom Rose and Maloney ABC 14 December
Japan Beyblade G Revolution Network Ten 15 December
Republic of Ireland Any Time Now ABC 30 December
United Kingdom Road Wars Seven Network 2004
United States Scare Tactics Nine Network 2004
United States The Handler Network Ten 2004
United States Threat Matrix Seven Network 2004
United Kingdom There's Something About Miriam Network Ten 2004

Subscription Television[edit]

Program Channel Debut date
All Grown Up! United States All Grown Up![4] Nickelodeon February
ChalkZone United States ChalkZone[5] Nickelodeon Q2
Stuart Little: The Animated Series United States Stuart Little: The Animated Series[5] Nickelodeon Q2
United States Duck Dodgers [6] Cartoon Network 10 April
Cassidys, The United Kingdom The Cassidys [7] UKTV 26 April
My Dad the Rock Star Canada My Dad the Rock Star[5] Nickelodeon 27 April
Romeo! United States Romeo![5] Nickelodeon 31 May
United States Pimp My Ride [8][9] MTV Australia 2 July
Drake & Josh United States Drake & Josh[10] Nickelodeon August
Martin Mystery Canada/France Martin Mystery[10] Nickelodeon August
Ashlee Simpson Show, TheUnited States The Ashlee Simpson Show [11] MTV Australia 5 August
United States Dr. 90210 [12] E! 12 September
United States Phil of the Future[13] Disney Channel 20 September
Assistant, TheUnited States The Assistant [14] MTV Australia October
United States Maybe It's Me[15] Nickelodeon 14 October
United States Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County[16] MTV Australia 2 December


Program Channel Debut date
Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo United States Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo Seven Network 1 April
2004 Kids' Choice Awards Australia/United States 2004 Kids' Choice Awards[10] Nickelodeon 25 September

Programming Changes[edit]

Subscription premieres[edit]

This is a list of programs which made their premiere on Australian subscription television that had previously premiered on Australian free-to-air television. Programs may still air on the original free-to-air television network.


Program Subscription network Free-to-air network Date
Operation Good Guys United Kingdom Operation Good Guys [7][17] UKTV SBS TV 26 April

Television shows[edit]


Seven Network

Nine Network

Network Ten

Ending / Resting this year[edit]

Date Show Channel Debut
(2004 – the whole year) Burgo's Catch Phrase Nine Network 1997
(2004 – the whole year) Behind The News ABC 1969
24 November The Panel Network Ten 18 February 1998
26 November Burke's Backyard Nine Network 1987

Revamping this year[edit]

Date Show Channel
February Wheel of Fortune Seven Network

TV movies[edit]


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