2004 raid on Grozny

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Coordinates: 43°18′58″N 45°40′59″E / 43.316°N 45.683°E / 43.316; 45.683

2004 raid on Grozny
Part of Second Chechen War
DateAugust 21-22, 2004
Result Russian victory


Flag of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.svg Chechen separatists
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Chechen Republic.svg Movladi Baisarov and others Flag of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.svg Doku Umarov and others
Several thousand 250-400
Casualties and losses
At least 58 policemen and militiamen and 5 soldiers killed At least 50 fighters killed
At least 13 civilians killed

2004 raid on Grozny was a series of overnight attacks in central Grozny, capital of Chechnya.

According to estimates of the investigation group, 250-400 fighters entered the city on August 21, established their own roadblocks, and simultaneously attacked a number of polling places and other targets, according to law enforcement sources killing 58 members of police and pro-Moscow militia and five federal soldiers. More than a dozen civilians were also killed.[1]

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