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The Austrian Cup 2005–06 (German: ÖFB-Cup) was the seventy-second season of Austria's nationwide football cup competition. It started on July 26, 2005 with the first game of the Preliminary Round. The final was held at the Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Vienna on 9 May 2006.

The competition was won by Austria Vienna after beating Mattersburg 3–0. Due to Austria Vienna qualifying for European competition through winning the Bundesliga, Mattersburg qualified for the second qualifying round of the UEFA Cup 2006-07 as cup runners-up.

Preliminary round[edit]

The Preliminary Round involved 60 lower league clubs from all regional federations. Thirty games were played between July 26 and August 15, 2005, with the winners advancing to the First Round.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
GAK Amateure 2–2 (aet, p. 5–4) SV Bad Aussee
SV Spittal 3–0 SVG Bleiburg
ASK Köflach 2–0 SC Weiz
SV Würmla 4–3 Trenkwalder Admira Reserves
SV Neuberg 2–3 (aet) FC Waidhofen/Ybbs
SKN St. Pölten 2–0 SC Neusiedl am See 1919
Kremser SC 2–0 SV Rohrbach
FC Wels 0–3 ATSV Sattledt
DSG Union Perg 2–0 Union St. Florian
SV Leobendorf 0–1 SV Langenrohr
SK St. Andrä 2–0 FC St. Veit
SV Tondach 1–0 SC Kalsdorf
SV Seekirchen 0–0 (aet, p. 4–5) 1. FC Vöcklabruck
ASK Kottingbrunn 1–1 (aet, p. 2–4) TSV Hartberg
FC Lustenau 07 2–3 FC Koblach
FC Hard 1–3 WSG Wattens
SPG Axams Götzens 4–3 SVG Reichenau/Aldrans
SV Hall in Tirol 4–0 Innsbrucker SK
FC Zell am See 0–1 PSV/Schwarz Weiß Salzburg
Feldkirchen 0–2 SAK Klagenfurt
Salzburg Amateure 11–0 FC Puch
1.SC Sollenau 3–0 SK Slovan HAC
Sturm Graz Amateure 5–2 (aet) ASK Voitsberg
Union Vöcklamarkt 3–3 (aet, p. 8–7) FC Blau-Weiß Linz
ASKÖ Donau Linz 1–2 SK St. Magdalena/Pasching Amateure
FC Stadlau 1–2 (aet) SC Eisenstadt
SC Ritzing 0–1 Wiener Sport-Club
PSV Team für Wien 6–0 ASK Klingenbach
SC Zwettl 1–2 (aet) SV Donau Wien
Vienna 2–1 SK Schwadorf

First round[edit]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
SV Donau 6–0 FC Kufstein
Wiener Sportklub 3–2 PSV Team für Wien
SV Spittal/Drau 3–1 FC Kärnten
FC Waidhofen/Ybbs 5-3 SK St. Magdalena/Pasching Amateure
SV Würmla 0–1 FC Gratkorn
TSV Hartberg 0–1 SC Austria Lustenau
PSV SW Salzburg 0–10 SC Rheindorf Altach
1. FC Vöcklabruck 0–2 LASK Linz
ATSV Sattledt 0–2 FC Wacker Tirol
FC Koblach 0–8 SV Kapfenberg
Köflach ASKÖ 1–2 SC Schwanenstadt
WSG Wattens 3–3 (aet, p. 3–5) DSV Leoben
Vienna 2–3 Salzburg
SV Hall in Tirol 0–5 Admira
SC Eisenstadt 1–2 FK Austria Wien Amateure
DSG Union Perg 2–0 1.SC Sollenau
SK St. Andrä 5–2 Union Vöcklamarkt
SK Sturm Amateure 2–1 Salzburg Amateure
Kremser SC 3–5 Sturm Graz
SV Gleinstätten 0–2 SV Ried
GAK Amateure 1–2 SV Mattersburg
SPG Axams Götzens 1–2 SV Langenrohr

SAK Klagenfurt and SKN St. Pölten received byes to the Second round

Second round[edit]

The Bundesliga clubs entered at the Second round, except Rapid Wien, Austria Wien, Grazer AK and Pasching who were involved in European competition and given a bye to Round 3. The games were played on October 17–19, 2005.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
SV Spittal/Drau 1–4 SC Rheindorf Altach
Wiener Sportklub 1–5 SV Kapfenberg
SAK Klagenfurt 0–1 FC Gratkorn
SV Donau 0–4 SC Schwanenstadt
FC Waidhofen/Ybbs 1–3 SV Mattersburg
DSG Union Perg 0–3 LASK Linz
SK Sturm Amateure 0–3 FC Wacker Tirol
SV Langenrohr 4–5 Sturm Graz
SC Austria Lustenau 2–0 DSV Leoben
FK Austria Wien Amateure 1–0 Red Bull Salzburg
SK St. Andrä 1–3 SV Ried
SKN St. Pölten 1–1 (aet, p. 4–3) Admira Wacker Mödling

Third round[edit]

The winners of last year's competition, SV Horn, entered in this round. The draw for this round was conducted on September 14, 2008. The games were played on October 28 and 29, 2008.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
SV Pasching 3–1 Grazer AK
SV Mattersburg 3–0 SC Schwanenstadt
SV Kapfenberg 2–0 LASK Linz
SC Austria Lustenau 1–1 (aet, p. 2–4) Rapid Wien
SKN St. Polten 1–3 FC Gratkorn
FK Austria Amateure 0–5 SV Ried
SC Rheindorf Altach 2–0 Sturm Graz
Austria Wien 2–0 Admira Wacker Mödling



18 April 2006
SV Pasching 2 – 3 SV Mattersburg
Voříšek Goal 41'
Gilewicz Goal 64'
Patocka Goal 27'
Mörz Goal 31', Goal 68'

19 April 2006
Austria Wien 4 – 0 SV Ried
Šebo Goal 29'
Troyansky Goal 57'
Dheedene Goal 69'
Papac Goal 90+1'


9 May 2006
Austria Wien 3 – 0 SV Mattersburg
Šebo Goal 27'
Rushfeldt Goal 45'
Troyansky Goal 82'
Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Vienna
Attendance: 20,100
Referee: Louis Hofmann

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