2005 ACB Playoffs

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2005 ACB Playoffs

The 2005 ACB Playoffs was the postseason of the 2004–05 ACB season. Consisting of 8 teams best classified, the playoffs involved over a two weeks of play and more than 20 games overall. The playoffs were conducted in 3-game series, with the team with the better record holding home court advantage. Real Madrid won the 2005 ACB Playoffs by defeating the defending champions, TAU Cerámica, 3-2 in the ACB Finals.

Note: winner is noted in bold.

Quarter finals[edit]

(1) TAU Cerámica vs. (8) Gran Canaria: TAU Vitoria win series 3-1

(4) Unicaja Málaga vs. (5) Etosa Alicante: Unicaja win series 3-2

(2) Real Madrid vs. (7) DKV Joventut: Real Madrid win series 3-1

(6) Adecco Estudiantes vs. (3) Winterthur FC Barcelona: Adecco Estudiantes win series 3-1

Semi finals[edit]

(1) TAU Cerámica vs. (4) Unicaja Málaga: TAU Vitoria win series 3-1

(2) Real Madrid vs. (6) Adecco Estudiantes: Real Madrid wins series 3-1

ACB Finals[edit]

(2) Real Madrid vs. (1) TAU Cerámica: Real Madrid win series 3-2


MVP: United States Louis Bullock

The Finals were broadcast in Spain on RTVE. For a list of international broadcasters see the acb international TV site.

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