2005 Little League World Series

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2005 Little League World Series
Dates August 19–
August 28
Teams participating 16
Champion West Oahu Little League
United StatesHawaii Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Runner-up Pabao Little League
Curaçao Willemstad, Curaçao

The 2005 Little League World Series took place between August 19 and August 28 in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The West Oahu Little League of Ewa Beach, Hawaii defeated the defending champion Pabao Little League of Willemstad, Curaçao in the championship game of the 59th Little League World Series. This was the second time that the Little League World Series championship game was won with a walk-off home run.[1] Michael Memea hit it in the bottom of the 7th inning.

The tournament used two venues, both in South Williamsport:


Between five and twelve teams take part in 16 regional qualification tournaments, which vary in format depending on region. In the United States, the qualification tournaments are in the same format as the Little League World Series itself: a round-robin tournament followed by an elimination round to determine the regional champion.

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Hawaii Ewa Beach, HI
West Oahu
California Vista, CA
Rancho Buena Vista
Guam Mangilao-Barrigada
Central East
Japan Chiba City
Chiba City
Florida Maitland, FL
Louisiana Lafayette, LA
CanadaBritish Columbia Surrey, BC
Curaçao Willemstad
Pennsylvania Newtown, PA
Council Rock
Maine Westbrook, ME
New England
Mexico Mexicali
Seguro Social
Venezuela Valencia
Latin America
Los Leones
Iowa Davenport, IA
Kentucky Owensboro, KY
Great Lakes
Russia Moscow
Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
Saudi Arabia Dhahran


Pool play[edit]

The top two teams in each pool moved on to their respective semifinals. The winners of each met on August 28 to play for the Little League world championship.

 United States[edit]

Pool A
Rank Region Record
1 Hawaii Northwest 3–0
2 Florida Southeast 2–1
3 Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 1–2
4 Iowa Midwest 0–3
Pool B
Rank Region Record
1 California West 3–0
2 Louisiana Southwest 2–1
3 Maine New England 1–2
4 Kentucky Great Lakes 0–3

All times US EDT

Pool Away Score Home Score Time (Venue)
August 19
A Hawaii Northwest 7 Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 1 4:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
A Florida Southeast 7 Iowa Midwest 3 8:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
August 20
B Maine New England 2 Louisiana Southwest 3 11:00 am (Volunteer Stadium)
B California West 7 Kentucky Great Lakes 2 3:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
A Florida Southeast 3 Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 1 8:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
August 21
B Kentucky Great Lakes 8 Louisiana Southwest 9 1:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
A Iowa Midwest 3 Hawaii Northwest 7 3:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
B Maine New England 3 California West 7 8:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
August 22
A Hawaii Northwest 10 Florida Southeast 0 3:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
B Iowa Midwest 0 Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 15 (F/4) 8:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
August 23
B Kentucky Great Lakes 2 Maine New England 3 3:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
B Louisiana Southwest 3 California West 9 7:30 pm (Lamade Stadium)


Pool C
Rank Region Record
1 Guam Pacific 3–0
2 Canada Canada 2–1
3 Mexico Mexico 1–2
4 Russia EMEA 0–3
Pool D
Rank Region Record
1 Japan Asia 3–0
2 Curaçao Caribbean 2–1
3 Venezuela Latin America 1–2
4 Saudi Arabia Transatlantic 0–3

All times US EDT

Pool Away Score Home Score Time (Venue)
August 19
C Guam Pacific 6 Russia EMEA 2 6:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
August 20
D Japan Asia 3 Saudi Arabia Transatlantic 0 1:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
D Curaçao Caribbean 5 (F/8) Venezuela Latin America 4 4:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
C Canada Canada 2 Mexico Mexico 0 6:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
August 21
C Canada Canada 0 Guam Pacific 5 5:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
D Japan Asia 9 Curaçao Caribbean 0 7:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
August 22
C Russia EMEA 0 Mexico Mexico 7 11:00 am (Lamade Stadium)
D Japan Asia 7 Venezuela Latin America 4 1:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
D Saudi Arabia Transatlantic 0 Curaçao Caribbean 3 6:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
August 23
C Canada Canada 2 Russia EMEA 1 11:00 am (Lamade Stadium)
D Saudi Arabia Transatlantic 0 Venezuela Latin America 4 1:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
C Guam Pacific 5 Mexico Mexico 3 6:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)

Elimination round[edit]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
August 24 - Lamade (F/5)        
 Japan Asia  11
August 27 - Lamade
 Canada Canada  0  
 Japan Asia  0
August 25 - Lamade (F/5)
   Curaçao Caribbean  2  
 Guam Pacific  1
August 28 - Lamade (F/7)
 Curaçao Caribbean  16  
 Curaçao Caribbean  6
August 24 - Lamade
   United StatesHawaii Northwest  7
 California West  6
August 27 - Lamade
 Florida Southeast  2  
 California West  1 Third place
August 25 - Lamade
   Hawaii Northwest  6  
 Hawaii Northwest  2  Japan Asia  4
 Louisiana Southwest  0    United StatesCalifornia West  5
August 28 - Volunteer
2005 Little League World Series Champions
United StatesHawaii
West Oahu Little League
ʻEwa Beach, Hawaii

Notable players[edit]

Jurickson Profar (Willemstad, Curacao) - Texas Rangers infielder

Champion's path[edit]

According to the information provided at Unpage.com, the West Oahu LL won all ten of its games to reach the LLWS.[2][3] In total, their record was 16–0.

Round Opposition Result
Hawaii State Tournament
Winner's Bracket Semifinals Hawaii Pearl City LL 4–0
Winner's Bracket Finals Hawaii Hilo National LL 7–5
Championship Hawaii Pearl City LL 5–2
Northwest Regional
Group Stage Oregon Murrayhill LL 17–1
Group Stage Idaho Northwest Ada LL 16–5 (5 inn.)
Group Stage Montana Heights National LL 26–7 (4 inn.)
Group Stage Alaska Dimond-West LL 10–0 (4 inn.)
Semifinals Oregon Murrayhill LL 6–5
West Region Championship Idaho Northwest Ada LL 12–1


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