2005 Origins Award winners

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The following are the winners of the 32nd annual Origins Award, held in 2006:

Category Winner Company Designer(s)
Game of the Year WARMACHINE: Apotheosis Privateer Press, Inc. Matt Wilson, Jason Soles, and Rob Stoddard
Board Game of the Year Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean Siren Bridge Publishing, Inc. & Z-Man Games, Inc Andrew Parks and Jason Hawkins
Collectible Card Game or Expansion of the Year Ravnica: City of Guilds expansion for Magic: The Gathering Wizards of the Coast Mark Rosewater, Aaron Forsythe, Tyler Bielman, Richard Garfield, and Mike Elliott
Traditional Card Game of the Year Gloom Atlas Games Keith Baker
Role-Playing Game of the Year Artesia Archaia Studios Press Mark Smylie
Role-Playing Game Supplement of the Year GURPS Infinite Worlds 4th Edition Steve Jackson Games Kenneth Hite, Steve Jackson, and John M. Ford
Miniatures Game or Expansion of the Year ATZ - All Things Zombie Two Hour Wargames Ed Teixeira
Miniatures of the Year Wargods of Aegyptus Crocodile Games Chris FitzPatrick
Historical Board Game of the Year Lock ‘N Load: Band of Heroes Matrix Games Mark H. Walker
Historical Miniature Game or Expansion of the Year Gutshot Hawgleg Publishing Mike Mitchell, Mike Murphy and Paul Mauer
Historical Miniatures of the Year 10mm WWII Personality Set Game Figures, Inc David Higgs
Nonfiction Publication of the Year Historical Miniature Gamer Magazine Legio X, Inc. Kathy Plamback and Mike Cosentino
Game Accessory of the Year The 13th Hour - Roleplaying Soundtrack Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka
Vanguard Innovative Game Awards Darter Future Magic Games Jason Conkey and Dove Byrne
Perplex City Mind Candy Michael Smith and Adrian Hon
Polarity Temple Games, Inc. Doug Seaton
XIG: The Four Elements GT2 Fun & Games Inc. Greg Scott, Greg Waring,Tor Nawrot, and Tim Huesken
Vanguard Unique Game Awards Battleground: Fantasy Warfare Your Move Games, Inc. Robert Dougherty and Chad Ellis
Infinite Armies BTRC Greg Porter
Rocketmen: Axis of Evil WizKids Jordan Weisman, Jon Leitheusser, and Shane Small
World at War Matrix Games Gary Grigsby
Gamer's Choice Best Board Game of the Year Shadows Over Camelot Days of Wonder Authors: Bruno Cathala and Serge Lage

Illustration and Graphic Design: Cyrille Daujean and Julien Delval

Gamer's Choice Best Collectible Card Game of the Year Anachronism TriKing Games Michael Brown
Gamer's Choice Best Traditional Card Game of the Year Paranoia: The Mandatory Card Game Mongoose Publishing Steve Gilbert
Gamer's Choice Best Historical Game of the Year Axis and Allies Collectible Miniatures Game Avalon Hill / Wizards of the Coast Richard Baker (lead), Paul Barclay, Aaron Forsythe, Devin Low, and Jonathan Tweet
Gamer's Choice Best Role Playing Game of the Year Serenity Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd Jamie Chambers
Gamer's Choice Best Miniatures of the Year WARMACHINE: Apotheosis Privateer Press, Inc. Matt Wilson, Jason Soles, and Rob Stoddard

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