2005 Summer Deaflympics

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20th Summer Deaflympics
Host city Melbourne,  Australia
Motto Melbourne in the World
Nations participating 82 countries
Athletes participating 3,307 athletes
Events 147(17 disciplines)
Opening ceremony 5th January 2005
Closing ceremony 16th January 2005
Officially opened by Marigold Southey
Main venue Olympic Park, Melbourne

The 2005 Summer Deaflympics, officially known as the 20th Summer Deaflympics, is an international multi-sport event that was celebrated from 5 January to 16 January 2005 in Melbourne, Australia


The various sports offered at the 2009 Summer Deaflympics were held in 17 disciplines, including 11 individual sports and 6 team sports:

Individual sports[edit]

Team sports[edit]


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