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  • 11 January: The state fines power distribution companies and national water company on grounds of bad quality service, and reclaims unpaid fines and unfulfilled investment goals, for a total of more $50 million.
  • 14 January: Ex-naval officer Adolfo Scilingo goes to trial in Spain accused of killing political prisoners during the Dirty War. (Reuters Alertnet) (Link dead as of 03:31, 15 January 2007 (UTC))(BBC)
    • AFJPs (private retirement fund administrators) and other major local investors accept the terms of the debt restructuring proposed by the state, exchanging all their public debt bonds (worth $15,000 million).




  • 1 April: The government of Argentina delays the restructuring of its debt by the exchange of old bonds for new because of a decision by a federal court judge in the United States that froze the processing of the old bonds in the possession of the Bank of New York pending a hearing before the appeals court.[1]
  • 19 April: A high court in Spain sentences Adolfo Scilingo, former Argentinian navy captain, for 640 years in prison for crimes against humanity during the Dirty War.[2]
  • 30 April: About 40,000 Argentinians and Uruguayans block the international Puerto Unzué-Fray Bentos bridge, protesting the planned building of two papermills on the Uruguayan side of the Uruguay River, citing environmental concerns.



  • 1 July: The People's Children National Movement, claiming an end to child hunger, close their 20,000-people march from Tucumán with a demonstration in Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires.






  • 6 December: The Fourth Summit of the Americas ends. Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela align against the U.S.-backed FTAA.
  • 15 December: President Kirchner announces the anticipated cancellation of the public debt to the International Monetary Fund, for $9,810 million, in a single payment, with funds drawn from the foreign currency reserves of the Central Bank. (Reuters). (Link dead as of 03:31, 15 January 2007 (UTC))
  • 20 December: Piqueteros, leftist parties, labour unions, student groups and other NGOs march in Buenos Aires on the 4th anniversary of activists' deaths during the 2001 riots, asking for welfare subsidies, and denouncing the payment of the debt to the IMF.
  • 21 December: Three government officers of the de la Rúa administration and six former Senators are accused of participation in a scandal involving bribes to pass a labour law reform in 2000.
  • 30 December: Environmental groups and other concerned citizens, supported by Entre Ríos governor Jorge Busti, block the three bridges that join the province with Uruguay, protesting the construction of two paper and wood pulp factories in Fray Bentos.



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