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The following is a chronicle of events during the year 2005 in ice hockey.

National Hockey League[edit]

  • 2004–05 NHL season: The Stanley Cup was not awarded for the first time since 1919 as a result of the 2004–05 NHL lockout.
  • On February 16, commissioner Gary Bettman announced the final cancellation of the NHL season. The lockout would be resolved on July 13 when an agreement was reached in principle. The lockout officially ended on July 22 when the owners ratified the agreement, ending the 310-day labour stoppage.
  • On October 5, the puck dropped to open the 2005–06 NHL season in 15 cities, as for the first time in NHL history, all 30 teams were in action on the same night. The NHL also introduced a new, modernized logo, and implemented several rule changes, most notably the shoot out as part of the league's relaunch.

Canadian Hockey League[edit]

International Hockey[edit]

European Hockey[edit]

Minor League hockey[edit]

Junior A hockey[edit]