2006 Borujerd earthquake

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2006 Borujerd earthquake
2006 Borujerd earthquake is located in Iran
2006 Borujerd earthquake
Date March 31, 2006 (2006-03-31)
Magnitude 6.1 ML
Depth 7 kilometres (4 mi)
Epicenter 35°35′N 48°47′E / 35.58°N 48.79°E / 35.58; 48.79
Areas affected Iran
Casualties 66

The 2006 Borujerd earthquake occurred in the early morning of 31 March 2006 in the South of Borujerd with massive destruction in Borujerd, Silakhor and Dorood areas of the Loristan Province in Western Iran. The centre of the earthquake was in Darb-e Astaneh village south of the Borujerd City. The earthquake measured 6.1 on the Richter magnitude scale.


This powerful earthquake shook the entire land of Loristan Province and most areas of Hamedan Province, Markazi Province and destroyed many villages in Khorramabad, Alashtar and Arak County as well. More than 180 aftershocks followed the main earthquake in April, May and June and people had to stay outside for several weeks.

A lighter foreshock happened the night before, and people stayed outside overnight and this reduced the number of casualties significantly. However, the mainshock at 4:47 am on 31 March shook Borujerd, Dorud and other towns and villages on Silakhor Plain for more than 55 seconds.


Carevanserai Hafezi in Bazaar of Borujerd (18th century); destroyed in Borujerd Earthquake 2006

More than 40 major historical monuments of Borujerd were destroyed by the earthquake and 30% of the historical downtown of the city (2.7 kmª) was ruined or damaged thoroughly. Other monuments damaged by the earthquake include:


Apart from UN agencies e.g. UNESCO and UNICEF, there are other international agencies functioning in the field, including MSF, Caritas Italy, Operation Mercy, ACH Spain and ACT Netherlands.[1]


  • 66 people killed
  • 1450 people injured
  • 330 villages destroyed (30-100%)
  • 45000 houses destroyed (30-100%) only in the city of Borujerd
  • 136 schools destroyed 100% and more than 200 other schools were damaged only in Borujerd and its villages

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