2006 Colombian parliamentary election

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Parliamentary elections were held in Colombia on March 12, 2006 to elect members of the Senate and Chamber of Representatives. Presidential primaries were also held for the Liberal Party and the Alternative Democratic Pole prior to the upcoming presidential elections in May.

Chamber of Representatives[edit]

Colombian Liberal Party1,639,59318.5135
Social Party of National Unity1,434,91916.2030
Colombian Conservative Party1,347,90415.2229
Radical Change917,91210.3620
Alternative Democratic Pole677,9647.667
Citizens' Convergence385,5894.358
Wings – Team Colombia366,7664.148
Independent Movement of Absolute Renovation241,7042.731
Liberal Opening Movement222,0332.515
Democratic Colombia Party213,0772.412
National Movement 172,4761.952
United People's Movement 133,3241.512
For the Country of Our Dreams103,7951.172
Regional Integration Movement93,3941.054
Centre Option Party88,2681.001
New Huila and Liberalism81,3350.922
Social Action Party53,2170.601
Visionaries with Antanas Mockus47,2170.530
Let the Moreno Play Movement37,2390.420
Renovation Movement Labour Action34,0820.381
Colombian Community and Communal Political Movement28,9560.330
Living Colombia Movement28,3890.320
National Salvation Movement27,5310.311
Independent Social Alliance Movement27,3780.310
Republican Movement22,5130.250
People's Participation Movement19,7730.221
Indigenous Authorities of Colombia17,6320.200
Community Participation12,4800.140
Progressive National Movement7,9320.091
Colombia Unite6,6310.070
People's Will Movement5,4670.060
Independent Conservatism4,6040.050
National Democratic Reconstruction3,4280.040
Citizens' Footprint Movement2,6930.030
Colombian Social Democratic Party1,6860.020
We are Colombia1,0390.010
Yes Colombia7970.010
Independent Civic Movement7390.010
Colombia Always4410.000
New Liberalism2950.000
Democratic Unity Party2940.000
Democratic Progressivity1710.000
Citizens' Movement1320.000
National Popular Alliance680.000
Progressive Force400.000
Blank votes260,5792.94
Valid votes8,856,16983.05
Invalid votes1,807,01416.95
Total votes10,663,183100.00
Registered voters/turnout26,593,27140.10
Afro-Colombian seats
Afro-Colombian Social Alliance7,6825.671
Black Roots6,2874.640
United Corporation for Afro Culture4,8293.570
Organisation of Afro-Colombian Women4,4653.300
National Association of Afro-Colombian Students4,3333.200
National Cimarron Movement4,2053.100
Tambor Yoruba Foundation2,8502.100
Afro-Colombian Malcolm X1,7561.300
Afro-Colombian Exchange of Experiences Association1,5261.130
Pacific Coexistence Organisation1,2550.930
Coagro Pacifico LTDA1,1110.820
Blank votes51,29837.87
Indigenous seat
Alternative Democratic Pole29,30821.471
Independent Social Alliance Movement18,95613.890
Community Participation8,6376.330
Indigenous Authorities of Colombia7,0585.170
Colombian Community and Communal Political Movement5,9504.360
Colombia Unite3,3482.450
Blank votes63,25746.34
Source: Barrero et al.


In the two-seat indigenous constituency, more blank votes were cast than votes for parties, resulting in a re-run being required. This took place with the same parties (AICO and ASI) but difference candidates.

Social Party of National Unity1,591,77517.3020
Colombian Conservative Party1,470,02915.9818
Colombian Liberal Party1,436,65715.6218
Radical Change1,211,45713.1715
Alternative Democratic Pole875,4519.5210
Citizens' Convergence566,8236.167
Wings – Team Colombia418,1244.545
Democratic Colombia Party272,5242.963
Independent Movement of Absolute Renovation237,5122.582
Living Colombia Movement229,5562.502
For the Country of Our Dreams165,9811.800
Let the Moreno Play Movement136,6361.490
Visionaries with Antanas Mockus71,8430.780
Community Participation54,3560.590
Colombian Community and Communal Political Movement37,5450.410
Colombia Unite15,5680.170
Independent Conservatism13,2210.140
Progressive National Movement8,7940.100
National Democratic Reconstruction7,7510.080
Blank votes291,8643.17
Valid votes9,200,07685.24
Invalid votes1,593,33214.76
Total votes10,793,408100.00
Registered voters/turnout26,595,17140.58
Indigenous seats
Independent Social Alliance Movement43,90327.021
Indigenous Authorities of Colombia21,62413.311
Blank votes96,94859.67
Source: RNEC

Senate Members[edit]

circumscription Party Senator
National Social Party of National Unity (U)
Colombian Conservative Party (C)
Colombian Liberal Party (L)
Radical Change Party (CR)
Alternative Democratic Pole (PDA)
Partido Convergencia Ciudadana
Movimiento Alas Equipo Colombia
Partido Colombia Democrática
Movimiento Independiente de Renovación Absoluta (MIRA)
Movimiento Colombia Viva
Indigenous Alianza Social Indígena (ASI)
Autoridades Indígenas de Colombia (AICO)
  • Of the 102 elected congressman and women that took office on July 20, 2006. 52 were re-elected, 25 had previously served in the Chamber of Representatives of Colombia in the 2002–2006 term, 3 returned to the senate after a few years of absence and 22 were elected to congress for the first time.


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