2006 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship qualification

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24 teams competed in the 2006 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship, with two places allocated for the hosts, Japan and the titleholder, Italy. In the qualification process for the 2006 FIVB World Championship, the Five FIVB confederations were allocated a share of the 22 remaining spots.

Qualified teams[edit]

Team Confederation Qualified as Qualified on Appearance
in finals
 Japan AVC Host 13th
 Italy CEV 2002 World Championship Winner 18 September 2002 8th
 Egypt CAVB CAVB Pool A Winner 19 March 2005 3rd
 Cameroon CAVB CAVB Pool C Winner 24 April 2005 1st
 Germany CEV CEV Pool I Winner 19 June 2005 12th1
 Serbia and Montenegro CEV CEV Pool I Runner-up 19 June 2005 2nd2
 Azerbaijan CEV CEV Pool G Winner 2 July 2005 2nd
 Russia CEV CEV Pool G Runner-up 2 July 2005 14th3
 Kenya CAVB CAVB Pool B Winner 24 July 2005 4th
 South Korea AVC AVC Pool B Winner 4 August 2005 10th
 Kazakhstan AVC AVC Pool B Runner-up 4 August 2005 1st
 China AVC AVC Pool A Winner 6 August 2005 11th
 Chinese Taipei AVC AVC Pool A Runner-up 6 August 2005 2nd
 Netherlands CEV CEV Pool H Winner 6 August 2005 11th
 Turkey CEV CEV Pool H Runner-up 6 August 2005 1st
 United States NORCECA NORCECA Pool D Winner 18 August 2005 13th
 Puerto Rico NORCECA NORCECA Pool D Runner-up 18 August 2005 4th
 Mexico NORCECA NORCECA Pool D Third 19 August 2005 6th
 Poland CEV CEV Playoff round Winner 21 August 2005 9th
 Dominican Republic NORCECA NORCECA Pool E Runner-up 26 August 2005 5th
 Cuba NORCECA NORCECA Pool E Winner 27 August 2005 10th
 Costa Rica NORCECA NORCECA Pool E Third 28 August 2005 1st
 Brazil CSV CSV Pool A Winner 28 August 2005 13th
 Peru CSV CSV Pool A Runner-up 28 August 2005 11th
1.^ Competed as West Germany from 1956 to 1990; 4th appearance as Germany.
2.^ Competed as Yugoslavia from 1978 to 1990; 1st appearance as Serbia and Montenegro.
3.^ Competed as Soviet Union from 1952 to 1990; 4th appearance as Russia.

Confederation qualification processes[edit]

The distribution by confederation for the 2006 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship was:[1]

  • Asia and Oceania (AVC): 4 places (+ Japan qualified automatically as host nation for a total of 5 places)
  • Africa (CAVB): 3 places
  • Europe (CEV): 7 places (+ Italy qualified automatically as the defending champions for a total of 8 places)
  • South America (CSV) 2 places
  • North, Central America and Caribbean (NORCECA): 6 places







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