2006 Falsterbo Swedish Coast Guard C-212 crash

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Coordinates: 55°24′N 12°57′E / 55.4°N 12.95°E / 55.4; 12.95

2006 Falsterbo Swedish Coast Guard crash
CASA 212 side.jpg
A CASA C-212 of Swedish Coast Guard, similar to the aircraft involved in the incident
Date26 October 2006
SummaryWing failure caused by metal fatigue
SiteFalsterbo, Sweden
Aircraft typeCASA C-212 Aviocar
OperatorSwedish Coast Guard
RegistrationSE-IVF, s/n KBV 585
Flight originRonneby Airport
DestinationMalmö Airport

The 2006 Falsterbo Swedish Coast Guard crash was the crash of a CASA C-212 Aviocar turboprop airplane belonging to the Swedish Coast Guard in Falsterbo Canal, Sweden, on 26 October 2006.[1][2]


The accident aircraft was one of three CASA C-212s to be operated by the Swedish Coast Guard. They were based at Stockholm-Skavsta Airport and regularly flew excursions to other parts of Sweden.[citation needed]


The accident aircraft was performing a low-level fly-by of the Skanör-Falsterbo Coast Guard Station while en route from Ronneby Airport to Malmö Airport.[3]

The accident was observed by a group of schoolchildren who reported that the port wing fell off during a turn, making the aircraft fall into the sea. All four crewmembers died. The wreckage was subsequently recovered.

The Swedish Coast Guard grounded its remaining fleet of CASA C-212s within days after the accident.[4] The remaining aircraft were sold to Uruguay.


The Swedish Accident Investigation Board determined the cause to be metal fatigue.[5] The Swedish Coast Guard later replaced the aircraft with Bombardier Dash-8 Q300s because the remaining two aircraft were found to have the same issue.


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