2006 Illinois's 19th congressional district election

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John Shimkus

Illinois's 6th congressional district election 2006 was an election that pitted incumbent John Shimkus since 1997 and Centralia City Councilman and College Professor Danny Stover. In the end Shimkus easily won 60% to 39%.


Democratic primary[edit]

Danny Stover expected to win over coal miner Vic Roberts. Stover won with 61% of the vote to Roberts 38%. results Stover 20,555 61.56% Roberts 12,835 38.44%

Republican primary[edit]

John Shimkus the incumbent faced write-in candidate Don Grimes. The results were Shimkus 99% to Don 74 votes. Results: Shimkus 42,588 99.83% Grimes 74 0.17%[citation needed]

General election[edit]

Danny Stover had the endorsement of the St. Louis Dispatch and John Shimkus had the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune. A poll taken in June had it 53% to 36% in Shimkus favor. Then Mark Foley said he would resign because of a sex scandal. Shimkus being head of the page that Foley went on was in big trouble of losing his seat. A poll taken after the scandal had it 46% to 43% in Shimkus favor. But on Election Day he won by a landslide 39% to 60%. Winning all but one of the 24 counties he represented.


Illinois U.S. House Election 2006
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican John Shimkus 143,491 60.71
Democratic Dan Stover 92,861 39.29
Majority 50,630 21.42%
Turnout 236,352 27%