2006 Lagos building collapses

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Coordinates: 6°27′11″N 3°23′42″E / 6.453°N 3.395°E / 6.453; 3.395 In 2006, up to 3 building collapses were reported.


On March 22,[1] the top nine stories of a 21-story Nigerian Industrial Development Bank building in Nigeria collapsed. This happened after a fire had gutted two stories in the building earlier that month. Heavy winds during a thunderstorm caused the building to cave in from the structural weakness after the fire. This building was located in the commercial centre of the city.


One person was killed while 24 were reported injured.


The July collapse was a disaster that occurred on July 18, 2006 when a four-story block of flats collapsed in Lagos, Nigeria. At least 25 people were killed. It is thought the accident was caused by poor construction. The building was under three years old. The building was a residential building composed of 36 flats. Officials said that those responsible for the building's collapse would be prosecuted. [1]

Rescue Operations and Casualties[edit]

Rescue Operations were carried out by the Red Cross and local volunteers. Rain hampered efforts on the first night of searching. Altogether 50 people were found alive.


In November an unfinished, three-story building still under construction collapsed. Two construction workers were killed.[2]

Rescue Operation and Casualties[edit]

The Red Cross led rescue efforts to find people. Twelve people were saved with only minor injuries. The first day of rescue efforts were slowed by the fact that no heavy equipment had been assigned for cleaning refuse and looking for bodies.


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