2006 Las Vegas Desert Classic

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In 2006 the Las Vegas Desert Classic, an American darts tournament, was won by the Canadian player John Part.

2006 Prize Money[edit]

  • Champion £15,000
  • Runner-up £7,500
  • Semi Finalists £5,000
  • Quarter Finalists £3,500
  • Second Round Losers £2,000
  • First Round Losers £1,350

2006 Results[edit]

First Round[edit]

Wednesday 28 June 2006
First to six legs

Darin Young 2-6 Raymond van Barneveld
Colin Lloyd 1-6 Chris Mason
Ronnie Baxter 3-6 John Part
Phil Taylor 6-0 Adrian Lewis
Peter Manley 6-4 Steve Beaton
Roland Scholten 6-4 Bob Anderson
Ray Carver 3-6 Mick McGowan
Dennis Priestley 6-2 Dennis Smith
Andy Jenkins 6-3 Andy Smith
Kevin Painter 4-6 Andy Hamilton
Wayne Mardle 3-6 Wes Newton
Mark Dudbridge 2-6 Barrie Bates
Gerry Convery 2-6 John MaGowan
Brad Wethington 3-6 Matt Clark
Denis Ovens 2-6 Steven Smith
Terry Jenkins 6-1 Bill Davis

Second Round[edit]

Thursday 29 June 2006
Best of five sets, five legs per set

Peter Manley 1-3 Dennis Priestley
John Part 3-0 Roland Scholten
Phil Taylor 3-0 Andy Jenkins
Raymond van Barneveld 3-0 Steven Smith
John MaGowan 0-3 Chris Mason
Mick McGowan 1-3 Wes Newton
Barrie Bates 1-3 Terry Jenkins
Matt Clark 0-3 Andy Hamilton

Quarter Finals[edit]

Friday 30 June 2006
Best of five sets, five legs per set

John Part 3-2 Terry Jenkins
Raymond van Barneveld 3-1 Andy Hamilton
Phil Taylor 3-0 Dennis Priestley
Wes Newton 3-2 Chris Mason

Semi Finals[edit]

Saturday 1 July 2006
Best of seven sets, five legs per set

Wes Newton 2-4 John Part
Phil Taylor 3-4 Raymond van Barneveld


Sunday 2 July 2006
Best of eleven sets, five legs per set

Raymond van Barneveld 3-6 John Part

Winner = Canada John Part