2006 Nova Scotia general election

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Nova Scotia general election, 2006

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52 seats of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly
27 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Rodney MacDonald cropped.png Darrell Dexter 2.jpg
Leader Rodney MacDonald Darrell Dexter Francis MacKenzie
Party Progressive Conservative New Democratic Liberal
Leader since February 11, 2006 June 2, 2002 October 23, 2004
Leader's seat Inverness Cole Harbour Ran in Bedford (lost)
Last election 25 seats, 36.32% 15 seats, 31.00% 12 seats, 31.47%
Seats won 23 20 9
Seat change Decrease2 Increase5 Decrease3
Popular vote 160,119 140,128 94,872
Percentage 39.57% 34.63% 23.44%
Swing Increase3.33% Increase3.52% Decrease7.99%

Nova Scotia Election 2006 - Results by Riding.svg
Popular vote by riding. As this is an FPTP election, seat totals are not determined by popular vote, but instead via results by each riding.

Premier before election

Rodney MacDonald
Progressive Conservative


Rodney MacDonald
Progressive Conservative

The 37th Nova Scotia general election was held on June 13, 2006 to elect members of the 60th House of Assembly of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Premier Rodney MacDonald, who led a Progressive Conservative minority government in the legislature, called for the election on May 13, 2006, hoping for a majority government to better advance his agenda and a clear mandate for himself as he had not yet fought an election as leader.

Ultimately, MacDonald was returned to power leading another, slightly smaller, minority government against a strengthened New Democratic Party sitting as the Official Opposition and a weakened Liberal Party. Liberal leader Francis MacKenzie was defeated in his riding of Bedford.


  • September 29, 2005 - Premier John Hamm, leader of the Progressive Conservative minority government, announces his intent to resign as soon as the party chooses a new leader.
  • February 11, 2006 - Rodney MacDonald is elected to replace Hamm as leader.
  • February 24, 2006 - MacDonald becomes Premier and his cabinet is sworn in.
  • May 9, 2006 - MacDonald's government introduces an "election-style" budget in the legislature.
  • May 13, 2006 - Premier Rodney MacDonald calls a general election for June 13, 2006.[1]


MacKenzie was an outspoken critic of the governing Tories and accused them of living in a "fantasy world" due to their promise to cut taxes and increase spending in the 2006-07 budget.[2]

No single issue dominated the election campaign, with all parties offering up various promises for university students to seniors.[3]

Opinion polling[edit]

A March 2006 poll by Corporate Research Associates asked voters who they would prefer as premier, 36 per cent of respondents picked Premier Rodney MacDonald, compared to 23 per cent for Darrell Dexter and 16 per cent for Francis MacKenzie. The same poll showed the Progressive Conservatives in the lead with 36 percent of voters compared to 29 percent for the New Democrats and 27 percent for the Liberals.[2]


The Progressive Conservatives gained several points in the popular vote, but made a net loss of two seats, with losses to the NDP partially countered by the PCs doubling their representation on MacDonald's native Cape Breton Island at the expense of the Liberals. The gap between the Liberals and NDP also significantly increased, in both the popular vote and seat count; while the Liberals and NDP had previously been nearly even, the NDP gained a significant advantage on the Liberals and moved into position as the primary opposition to the governing PCs.

Results by party[edit]

Party Party leader # of
Seats Popular vote
2003 Dissolution Elected % Change # % Change
  Progressive Conservative Rodney MacDonald 52 25 25 23 -8.0% 160,119 39.57% +3.33%
  New Democratic Darrell Dexter 52 15 15 20 +33.3% 140,128 34.63% +3.52%
  Liberal Francis MacKenzie 51 12 10 9 -10.0% 94,872 23.44% -7.99%
Green Nick Wright 52 * 0 0 0% 9,411 2.33% *
  Independents 3 0 1 0 -100% 153 0.04%  
  Vacant 1  
Total 210 52 52 52   404,683    

* The Green Party did not contest the 2003 election.

Results by region[edit]

Party name HRM C.B. Valley S. Shore Fundy Central Total
Parties winning seats in the legislature:
  Progressive Conservative Seats: 3 4 3 5 5 3 23
  Popular vote: 31.22% 42.62% 36.14% 49.08% 54.06% 42.90% 39.59%
  New Democratic Party Seats: 13 2 - 2 1 2 20
  Popular vote: 46.57% 25.58% 23.44% 32.29% 26.49% 34.44% 34.50%
  Liberal Seats: 2 3 4 - - - 9
  Popular vote: 19.29% 29.80% 38.35% 16.46% 16.70% 21.03% 23.56%
Parties not winning seats in the legislature:
Green Popular vote: 2.92% 1.83% 2.07% 2.16% 2.72% 1.58% 2.31%
  Independents Popular vote: - 0.17% - - 0.03% 0.05% 0.04%
Total seats: 18 9 7 7 6 5 52

Retiring incumbents[edit]

Progressive Conservative
New Democratic

Nominated candidates[edit]


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Green   Independent
Annapolis Blair Hannam Calum MacKenzie Stephen McNeil Ken McGowan Stephen McNeil
Clare Arnold LeBlanc Paul Comeau Wayne Gaudet Diane Doucet-Bean Wayne Gaudet
Digby—Annapolis Jimmy MacAlpine Andrew Oliver Harold Theriault Namron Bean Harold Theriault
Hants West Chuck Porter Sean Bennett Paula Lunn Sam Schurman Ron Russell
Kings North Mark Parent Jim Morton Madonna Spinazola Christopher Alders Mark Parent
Kings South David Morse David Mangle Ray Savage Steven McGowan David Morse
Kings West John Prall Greg Hubbert Leo Glavine Nistal Prem de Boer Leo Glavine

South Shore[edit]

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Green   Independent
Argyle Chris d'Entremont Charles Muise Christian Surette Patricia Saunders Chris d'Entremont
Chester-St. Margaret's Judy Streatch Jane Matheson Rick Fraughton Joanne MacKinnon Judy Streatch
Lunenburg Michael Baker Chris Heide Rick Welsford Stuart Simpson Michael Baker
Lunenburg West Carolyn Bolivar-Getson Bill Smith Martin Bell Brendan MacNeill Carolyn Bolivar-Getson
Queens Kerry Morash Vicki Conrad Margaret Whitney Kerry Morash
Shelburne Eddie Nickerson Sterling Belliveau Kirk Cox Derek Jones Cecil O'Donnell
Yarmouth Richard Hurlburt John Deveau Dolores Atwood Matt Granger Richard Hurlburt


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Green   Independent
Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley Brooke Taylor Gary Burrill Carolyn Matthews Leona MacLeod Brooke Taylor
Colchester North Karen Casey Rob Assels Bob Taylor Judy Davis Bill Langille
Cumberland North Ernie Fage Kim Cail Bruce Alan Fage Darryl Whetter Ernie Fage
Cumberland South Murray Scott Andrew Kernohan Mary Dee MacPherson James Dessart David Raymond Amos Murray Scott
Hants East Wayne Fiander John MacDonell Malcolm A. MacKay Michael Hartlan John MacDonell
Truro-Bible Hill Jamie Muir Jim Harpell Ron Chisholm Barton Cutten Jamie Muir

Central Halifax[edit]

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Green   Independent
Halifax Chebucto Sean Phillips Howard Epstein Peter Verner Christopher Harborne Howard Epstein
Halifax Citadel Bill Black Leonard Preyra Devin Maxwell Nick Wright Vacant
Halifax Clayton Park Mary Ann McGrath Linda Power Diana Whalen Sheila Richardson Diana Whalen
Halifax Fairview Bruce MacCharles Graham Steele Cecil MacDougall Kris MacLellan Graham Steele
Halifax Needham Andrew Black Maureen MacDonald Errol Gaum Amanda Myers Maureen MacDonald

Suburban Halifax[edit]

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Green   Independent
Bedford Len Goucher John Buckland Francis MacKenzie Mary McLaughlan Peter G. Christie
Halifax Atlantic Bruce Cooke Michèle Raymond Jim Hoskins Rebecca Mosher Michele Raymond
Hammonds Plains-Upper Sackville Barry Barnet Mat Whynott Pam Streeter Scott Cleghorn Barry Barnet
Sackville-Cobequid Steve Craig Dave Wilson David Major Elizabeth Nicolson Dave Wilson
Timberlea-Prospect Jaunita Cirtwell Bill Estabrooks Lisa Mullin Thomas Trappenberg Bill Estabrooks
Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank Gary Hines Percy Paris Thomas Deal William Lang Gary Hines

Dartmouth/Cole Harbour/Eastern Shore[edit]

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Green   Independent
Cole Harbour Sheila McKeand Darrell Dexter Stephen Beehan Michael McFadden Darrell Dexter
Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage Don McIver Kevin Deveaux Brian Churchill Beverly Woodfield Kevin Deveaux
Dartmouth East Jim Cormier Joan Massey Tracey Devereaux Elizabeth Perry Joan Massey
Dartmouth North Troy Myers Trevor Zinck Ian Murray Alex Donaldson Jerry Pye
Dartmouth South-Portland Valley Tim Olive Marilyn More Brian Hiltz Daniel Melvin Marilyn More
Eastern Shore Bill Dooks Sid Prest Judith Cabrita Elizabeth van Dreunen Bill Dooks
Preston Dwayne Provo Douglas Sparks Keith Colwell David Farrell Keith Colwell

Central Nova[edit]

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Green   Independent
Antigonish Angus MacIsaac Andrew MacDonald Danny MacIsaac Judy Dowden Angus MacIsaac
Guysborough-Sheet Harbour Ron Chisholm Jim Boudreau David Horton Marike Finaly-de Monchy Ron Chisholm
Pictou Centre Pat Dunn Danny MacGillivray Troy MacCulloch Samuel M. Clark Dennis Tate John Hamm
Pictou East Sue Uhren Clarrie MacKinnon Danny Walsh John A. Clark Jim DeWolfe
Pictou West Ronald Baillie Charlie Parker Sandy MacKay Douglas Corbett Charlie Parker

Cape Breton[edit]

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Green   Independent
Cape Breton Centre Darren Bruckschwaiger Frank Corbett Laura Lee MacDonald Frances Oomen Frank Corbett
Cape Breton North Cecil Clarke Russell MacDonald Fred Tilley Mark Doucet Cecil Clarke
Cape Breton Nova Todd Marsman Gordie Gosse Mel Crowe Chris Milburn Gordie Gosse
Cape Breton South Scott Boyd Jamie Crane Manning MacDonald Stephen Doucet Manning MacDonald
Cape Breton West Alfie MacLeod Terry Crawley Dave LeBlanc Michael Milburn Russell MacKinnon
Glace Bay Mark Bettens Myrtle Campbell David Wilson Todd Pettigrew Dave Wilson
Inverness Rodney MacDonald Tim Murphy Mary MacLennan John Gibson Rodney MacDonald
Richmond John Greene Mary Pat Cude Michel Samson Noreen Hartlen Michel Samson
Victoria-The Lakes Keith Bain Joan O'Liari Gerald Sampson Michelle Smith Stemer MacLeod Gerald Sampson

Opinion polls[edit]

Date Source PC NDP Liberal
5 Jun 2006 Corporate Research Associates 38 36 20
23 May 2006 Corporate Research Associates 34 27 30
Feb 2006 Corporate Research Associates 36 29 27
Nov 2005 Corporate Research Associates 35 32 28
Aug 2005 Corporate Research Associates 31 32 26
May 2005 Corporate Research Associates 36 30 27
Mar 2005 Corporate Research Associates 38 24 30
Dec 2004 Corporate Research Associates 35 28 30
Sep 2004 Corporate Research Associates 29 30 31
May 2004 Corporate Research Associates 28 33 30
Feb 2004 Corporate Research Associates 31 30 28
Nov 2003 Corporate Research Associates 28 32 29
5 Aug 2003 Election 36.3 31.0 31.5


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