2006 Prague terror plot

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The 2006 Prague terror plot was revealed on September 23, 2006, when security services in Prague went on high alert due to suspicions of an imminent terror attack.

The plot[edit]

According to the Czech Republic's leading newspaper, Mlada fronta Dnes, Islamist extremists were planning to kidnap and kill Jews in Prague. They intended to take Jews captive in a Prague synagogue, make demands which could not be met and then blow up the building, killing everybody inside. Interior Minister Ivan Langer said the situation was "the most serious ever".[1]

According to Czech Chief Rabbi Efraim Sidon, the attack had been planned against the Jerusalem Synagogue in the center of the city, and not against a synagogue in the Jewish Quarter.[2] The Czech security services were investigating a possible link between fresh terror threats made by radical Muslims to kill Jews in Prague and the arrest of a Pakistani citizen in Oslo.[2]

No information has been released and it is unknown if any arrests had been made.[citation needed]