2006 UCI Track Cycling World Championships – Men's scratch

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The Men's Scratch was one of the 9 men's events at the 2006 UCI Track Cycling World Championships, held in Bordeaux, France.

24 cyclists from 24 countries participated in the contest. Because of the number of entries, there were no qualification rounds for this discipline. Consequently, the event was run direct to the final.


The Final and only race was run at 15:45 on April 15. The competition consisted of 60 laps, making a total of 15 km.

Rank[1] Name Country
Med 1.png Jérôme Neuville  France
Med 2.png Angel Colla  Argentina
Med 3.png Ioannis Tamourdis  Greece
4 Wim Stroetinga  Netherlands
5 Danilo Napolitano  Italy
6 Rafal Ratajczyk  Poland
7 Vasil Kiryienka  Belarus
8 Andreas Muller  Germany
9 Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur  Spain
10 Miles Olman  Australia
11 Ivan Kovalev  Russia
12 Hayden Godfrey  New Zealand
13 Alex Rasmussen  Denmark
14 Mario Lexmũller  Austria
15 Carlos Manuel Hernandez  Mexico
16 Matthew Gilmore  Belgium
17 Taiji Nishitani  Japan
18 Jorge Soto  Uruguay
19 Oleksandr Polivoda  Ukraine
DNF Jiri Hochmann  Czech Republic
DNF Mark Cavendish  Great Britain
DNF Bobby Lea  United States
DNF Martin Gilbert  Canada
DNF Franco Marvulli   Switzerland