2006 West Bengal train explosion

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Coordinates: 22°34′08″N 88°22′08″E / 22.569°N 88.369°E / 22.569; 88.369

2006 West Bengal train disaster
Location West Bengal, India
Date 20 November 2006
6:10 – 6:10 (GMT)
Target train
Attack type
Deaths 5
Non-fatal injuries
between 25 and 66
Perpetrators unknown

The 2006 West Bengal train disaster was a fatal suspected terrorist explosion on a train travelling between New Jalpaiguri and Haldibari that occurred on 20 November 2006, when the train was in a remote part of West Bengal State, India. Five people were killed, and between fifty and twenty-five were injured, although home secretary Prasad Ranjan Ray says officials believe there may in fact be as many as sixty-six injured. Two passenger cars were damaged. The explosion was due to a still-undetermined cause, but terrorism is suspected. The train was about 550 kilometres (340 mi) from Kolkata.