2006 in the European Union

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Events from the year 2006 in the European Union.



  • 1 January: Austria takes the Presidency.
  • 2 February: The Commission launches a white paper on communication policy.
  • 16 February: The Commission's 'Bolkestein Directive' is approved at its first reading by the MEPs admit large protests outside the Parliament.
  • 7 April: .eu domain opens to the public.
  • 4 May: The Commission adopts a green paper on the European Transparency Initiative.
  • 3 June: Montenegro declares independence, leads to separate relations and accession negotiations.
  • 21 June: Barroso attends EU-US summit in Vienna.
  • 1 July: Finland takes the Presidency.
  • 12 July: Kroes gives Microsoft a 280.5 million euro fine for its anti-competitive behaviour.
  • 24 July: The Council adopts a common position on the Bolkestein Directive
  • 15 November: European Parliament adopts the Bolkestein Directive at its second reading.
  • 12 December: Parliament approves the Bulgarian and Romanian Commissioners despite concerns over the weakness of the Multilingualism portfolio.


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