2007–08 Coupe de France

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The 2007–2008 Coupe de France was the 91st edition of the prestigious tournament and is open to all clubs in French football, as well as the 4 overseas departments if they qualify. The defending champions were FC Sochaux-Montbéliard who defeated Olympique Marseille 5-4 on penalties to claim their 2nd Coupe de France trophy. The final was held on May 24, 2008 at the Stade de France. The 2008 Coupe de France champions are Olympique Lyonnais, who defeated Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 to claim their 4th Coupe de France trophy.

Note: Cup results officially began at the start of the 7th Round, as it is the official starting position of most professional clubs.

7th Round[edit]

Matches played on November 24, 2007

Home Team Result Away Team
Camon 2-4 Le Havre AC
US Boulogne 1-0 Le Touquet
Voltigeurs Châteaubriant 0-0

(1-3 pen)

Stade Brest 29
FC Chamalières 0-5 Clermont Foot
Dijon FCO 1-0

(after extra time)

Jura Sud
Grenoble Foot 38 1-0 FC Bourg-Péronnas
Angers SCO 1-0 US Orléans
Thouars Foot 79 1-1

(5-6 pen)

LB Châteauroux
Avallon 0-5 FC Gueugnon
En Avant Guingamp 1-0 AS Vitré
FC Libourne-Saint-Seurin 2-1 Aurillac FCA
Angoulême CFC 0-1 Montpellier HSC
Périgny FC 0-7 Chamois Niortais FC
Vertou 0-2 FC Nantes

Matches played on November 25, 2007

Home Team Result Away Team
ASPV Strasbourg 1-3 Stade de Reims
Raismes 0-7 Amiens SC
SA Thiers 1-2 SC Bastia
Douai 1-2 CS Sedan Ardennes
FC Sète 0-1 AC Ajaccio
Forbach 0-1 Troyes AC

8th Round[edit]

Match was played on December 14, 2007

Home Team Result Away Team
Chamois Niortais FC 1-0 LB Châteauroux

Matches were played on December 15, 2007

Home Team Result Away Team
Mons-en-Barœul 2-3 CS Sedan Ardennes
JA Drancy 0-1 En Avant Guingamp
US Marignane 0-0

(3-1 pen)

AC Ajaccio
US Colomiers 0-1 SC Bastia
Troyes AC 3-1 Jarville JF
FC Dieppe 0-0

(4-5 pen)

US Boulogne
Grenoble Foot 38 1-1

(3-4 pen)

Montpellier HSC
Saran 0-3 FC Nantes
SO Romorantin 1-0 FC Libourne-Saint-Seurin
GSI Pontivy 1-2 Le Havre AC
Stade Quimpérois 1-2 Stade Brest 29
Angoulême CFC 0-1 Montpellier HSC
Amiens SC 0-0

(3-1 pen)

FC Mantes

Matches were played on December 16, 2007

Home Team Result Away Team
Magny FC 0-2 FC Gueugnon
Le Moule(Guadeloupe) 0-6 Angers SCO
Stade de Reims 4-1 Calais RUFC
Dijon FCO 2-1 Clermont Foot

Round of 64[edit]

Match was played on January 4, 2008

Home Team Result Away Team
RC Lens 0-1 Chamois Niortais FC

Matches were played on January 5, 2008

Home Team Result Away Team
SC Selongey 2-3

(after extra time)

Le Mans UC 72
ES Viry-Châtillon 2-5 SC Bastia
US Avranches 0-2 Dijon FCO
Montpellier HSC 1-0 Troyes AC
Vesoul Haute-Saône 1-6 FC Metz
AS Beauvais Oise 0-2 Olympique Marseille
ÉDS Montluçon 0-3 FC Nantes
USJA Carquefou 1-0 FC Gueugnon
SO Romorantin 1-2 US Boulogne
Angers SCO 2-0 Vannes OC
Amiens SC 2-1 En Avant Guingamp
CS Sedan Ardennes 3-2 SM Caen
OGC Nice 2-1

(after extra time)

Le Havre AC
SAS Épinal 0-2 Paris Saint-Germain
AS Nancy 2-1 Stade de Reims
AJ Auxerre 3-2

(after extra time)

AS Saint-Étienne
FC Lorient 2-1 Valenciennes FC
US Le Petit-Quevilly 1-3 FC Girondins de Bordeaux
FC Rouen 0-0

(4-5 pen)

RC Strasbourg

Matches were played on January 6, 2008..

Home Team Result Away Team
Maubeuge 0-2 FC Sochaux-Montbéliard
Toulouse FC 1-2 Paris FC
FC Martigues 0-3 Stade Rennais FC
Avion FC 0-3 Lille OSC
US Créteil-Lusitanos 0-4 Olympique Lyonnais
Stade Brest 29 1-3

(after extra time)

AS Monaco

Round of 32[edit]

Matches were played on February 1, 2008

Home Team Result Away Team
US Boulogne 1-2

(after extra time)

Tours FC
RC Strasbourg 0-3 FC Metz

Matches were played on February 2, 2008

Home Team Result Away Team
AC Arles 0-0

(9-8 pen)

Chamois Niortais FC
AS Lyon-La Duchère 0-1 Lille OSC
CS Sedan Ardennes 0-0

(4-2 pen)

FC Nantes
FC Sochaux-Montbéliard 1-1

(4-3 pen)

Montpellier HSC
SJA Le Poiré-sur-Vie 1-3 Paris Saint-Germain
Paris FC 0-0

(5-6 pen)

Dijon FCO
Amiens SC 1-0 Gazélec Ajaccio
Angers SCO 3-1 OGC Nice
SC Bastia 3-0 AJ Auxerre
FC Lorient 0-0

(3-1 pen)

Stade Rennais FC
FC Girondins de Bordeaux 1-0 Le Mans UC 72

Matches were played on February 3, 2008

Home Team Result Away Team
USJA Carquefou 2-1

(after extra time)

AS Nancy
Croix de Savoie 0-1 Olympique Lyonnais
Olympique Marseille 3-1 AS Monaco

Round of 16[edit]

Matches were played on March 18, 2008

Home Team Result Away Team
Paris Saint-Germain 2-1 SC Bastia
Dijon FCO 3-1 Tours FC
CS Sedan Ardennes 2-0 Angers SCO
Olympique Lyonnais 2-1 FC Sochaux-Montbéliard

Matches were played on March 19, 2008

Home Team Result Away Team
FC Girondins de Bordeaux 2-0

(after extra time)

Lille OSC
FC Lorient 0-1 FC Metz
Amiens SC 1-1

(4-2 pen)

AC Arles
USJA Carquefou 1-0 Olympique Marseille


Olympique Lyonnais1 – 0FC Metz
Benzema Goal 39' Report
Attendance: 25,000

Amiens SC1 – 0Dijon FCO
Contout Goal 88' Report
Attendance: 11,479


Amiens SC0 – 1Paris Saint-Germain
Report Boli Goal 77'
Attendance: 10,000
Referee: Tony Chapron

Olympique Lyonnais1 – 0CS Sedan
Juninho Goal 88' Report
Attendance: 32,000


Coupe de France Final 2008

Paris Saint-Germain0 – 1Olympique Lyonnais
Report Govou Goal 102'
Attendance: 80,000
Referee: Philippe Kalt


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