2007–08 Swiss Cup

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2007–08 Swiss Cup
Country  Switzerland
ChampionsFC Basel
Runners-upAC Bellinzona

The Swiss Cup 2007-08 (Swisscom Cup) is the 83rd season of Switzerland's football knockout competition. The winner was FC Basel. AC Bellinzona qualified for the UEFA Cup after finishing as runner-up due to Basel qualifying for the UEFA Champions League.


In season 2007-08 the tournament structure was changed. The 10 clubs from the Swiss Super League as well as the 17 clubs of the Swiss Challenge League qualified directly for the cup and entered in the round of 64. FC Vaduz were not included in the cup as they play in the Liechtenstein Cup. 11 clubs from the 1st league as well as 26 clubs from the amateur leagues had to qualify in regional tournaments for the Swisscom Cup. This was played in the knockout system. Each round was held earlier because of the Euro 2008. The final was held in April instead of May or June.

Each match was played over ninety minutes with extra time and a penalty shootout if required.

Round of 64 (15 and 16 September 2007) : The winning teams qualify for the 1/32 Finals.

Round of 32 (20 and 21 October 2007) : The winning teams qualify for the 1/16 Finals.

Round of 16 (24 and 25 of November 2007) : The winning teams qualify for the Quarter-Finals.

Quarter Finals (15 and 16 of December 2007) : The winning teams qualify for the Semi-Finals.

Semifinals (27 and 28 of February 2008) : 4 teams, the victors qualify for the Final.

Final (6 April 2008) : The victor wins the 83rd Swiss cup.

Participating teams[edit]

Axpo Super League Challenge League 1. Liga 2. Liga interregional 2. Liga regional 3. Liga
BSC Young Boys
FC Aarau
FC Basel
FC Luzern
FC Sion
FC St. Gallen
FC Thun
FC Zürich
Grasshopper Club Zürich
Neuchâtel Xamax
AC Bellinzona
AC Lugano
FC Chiasso
FC Concordia Basel
FC Gossau
FC La Chaux-de-Fonds
FC Lausanne-Sport
FC Locarno
FC Schaffhausen
FC Wil
FC Winterthur
FC Wohlen
SC Cham
SC Kriens
Servette FC
SR Delémont
Etoile-Carouge FC
FC Baden
FC Baulmes
FC Biel-Bienne
FC Echallens
FC Red Star Zürich
FC Tuggen
GC Biaschesi
SC Düdingen
Stade Nyonnais
AC Malcantone
FC Bavois
FC Bazenheid
FC Hägendorf
FC Langenthal
FC Le Mont LS
FC Massongex
FC Porrentruy
FC Sarnen
FC Seefeld ZH
FC Stade LS Ouchy
FC Versoix
Racing Club GE
ASC Gordola
FC Bern
FC Colombier
FC Flawil
FC Léchelles
FC Lusitanos
FC Orpund
FC Töss
FC Winkeln SG
SC Binningen
FC Herrliberg

Round of 64[edit]

Teams in the Super League and Challenge league are seeded cannot play each other. The team that is in a lower league plays at home advantage.

Date Time Home Geust Result
14.09.07 19:30 FC Biel Bienne (1.L) Yverdon-Sport FC (ChL) 5:6 nP
14.09.07 20:00 FC Baulmes (1.L) SR Delémont (ChL) 2:1
14.09.07 20:00 FC Wettingen 93 (2.L) SC Kriens (ChL) 1:3
14.09.07 20:00 Racing Club GE (2.L) FC La Chaux-de-Fonds (ChL) 4:1
15.09.07 14:30 FC Bazenheid (2.L) AC Bellinzona (ChL) 0:7
15.09.07 15:30 FC Echallens (1.L) FC Lausanne-Sport (ChL) 0:3
15.09.07 16:00 FC Red Star Zürich (1.L) FC Winterthur (ChL) 0:5
15.09.07 16:00 FC Seefeld ZH (2.L) Grasshoppers Club Zürich (ASL) 0:4
15.09.07 16:00 FC Versoix (2.L) Stade Nyonnais (1.L) 0:5
15.09.07 16:00 FC Winkeln SG (2.L) FC Gossau (ChL) 2:6
15.09.07 16:30 FC Herrliberg (3.L) FC Zürich (ASL) 0:6
15.09.07 16:30 SC Düdingen (2.L) FC Concordia BS (ChL) 1:3 nV
15.09.07 17:00 FC Bern (2.L) FC Langenthal (2.L) 1:2
15.09.07 17:00 FC Orpund (2.L) SC Binningen (2.L) 1:2
15.09.07 17:00 FC Sarnen (2.L) FC Aarau (ASL) 1:7
15.09.07 17:00 SC Brühl SG (2.L) FC Schaffhausen (ChL) 4:6
15.09.07 17:30 FC Baden (2.L) FC Locarno (ChL) 1:2
15.09.07 17:30 FC Le Mont LS (2.L) Neuchâtel Xamax (ASL) 0:2
15.09.07 17:30 FC Töss (2.L) FC St. Gallen (ASL) 0:8
15.09.07 17:30 FC UGS (2.L) FC Sion (ASL) 0:7
15.09.07 18:00 FC Flawil (2.L) FC Wil 1900 (ChL) 2:3
15.09.07 18:00 FC Stade LS Ouchy (2.L) Servette FC (ChL) 0:4
15.09.07 19:00 FC Hägendorf (2.L) SC Cham (ChL) 1:5
15.09.07 19:00 FC Massongex (2.L) Etoile-Carouge FC (1.L) 0:5
16.09.07 15:00 FC Bavois (2.L) BSC Young Boys (ASL) 1:3
16.09.07 15:00 FC Léchelles (2.L) FC Basel (ASL) 0:9
16.09.07 15:00 FC Porrentruy (2.L) FC Thun (ASL) 0:4
16.09.07 15:30 FC Lusitanos (2.L) FC Colombier (2.L) 0:6
16.09.07 15:30 GC Biaschesi (2.L) FC Luzern (ASL) 1:3
16.09.07 16:00 AC Malcantone (2.L) FC Wohlen (ChL) 0:4
16.09.07 16:00 ASC Gordola (2.L) FC Chiasso (ChL) 1:5
16.09.07 16:00 FC Tuggen (2.L) AC Lugano (ChL) 2:4 nP

Round of 32[edit]

Super League teams cannot play each other. A team in a lower league plays at home.

Date Time Home Geust Result
20.10.07 15:00 SC Binningen (2.L) FC Basel (ASL) 1:6
20.10.07 16:00 FC Baulmes (1.L) FC Lausanne-Sport (ChL) 0:2 n.V.
20.10.07 17:30 FC Winterthur (ChL) Grasshopper Club Zürich (ASL) 2:3
20.10.07 17:30 FC Wohlen (ChL) AC Bellinzona (ChL) 4:5 n.P.
20.10.07 17:30 SC Kriens (ChL) FC Aarau (ASL) 1:0
20.10.07 19:30 Etoile-Carouge FC (1.L) FC Sion (ASL) 0:2
21.10.07 14:00 FC Concordia BS (ChL) FC Zürich (ASL) 6:7 n.P.
21.10.07 14:30 FC Colombier (2.L) Yverdon-Sport FC (ChL) 1:3
21.10.07 14:30 FC Gossau (ChL) FC St. Gallen (ASL) 2:0
21.10.07 14:30 FC Langenthal (2.L) FC Luzern (ASL) 2:5
21.10.07 14:30 FC Locarno (ChL) BSC Young Boys (ASL) 0:2
21.10.07 14:30 Racing Club GE (2.L) Neuchâtel Xamax FC (ASL) 2:5 n.V.
21.10.07 15:00 SC Cham (ChL) FC Thun (ASL) 0:1
21.10.07 15:00 FC Schaffhausen (ChL) FC Wil (ChL) 3:1
21.10.07 15:00 Stade Nyonnais (1.L) Servette FC (ChL) 2:1
21.10.07 17:00 FC Chiasso (ChL) AC Lugano (ChL) 3:1

Round of 16[edit]

In this round there is no seeding. Lower league teams play at home.

Date Time Home Guest Result
24.11.07 16:00 FC Schaffhausen (ChL Neuchâtel Xamax (ASL) 0:1
24.11.07 17:00 FC Lausanne-Sport (ChL) FC Gossau (ChL) 0:2
24.11.07 17:45 FC Luzern (ASL) FC Thun (ASL) 0:1
25.11.07 14:30 AC Bellinzona (ChL) FC Sion (ASL) 2:1
25.11.07 14:30 FC Chiasso (ChL) BSC Young Boys (ASL) 0:1
25.11.07 14:30 Grasshoppers Club Zürich (ASL) FC Basel (ASL) 0:1
25.11.07 14:30 SC Kriens (ChL) FC Zürich (ASL) 0:3
25.11.07 15:00 Stade Nyonnais (1.L) Yverdon-Sport FC (ChL) 2:1


In this round there is no seeding.

Date Time Home Guest Result
15.12.07 17:45 FC Thun (ASL) FC Zürich (ASL) 2:1 n.V.
15.12.07 19:30 FC Basel (ASL) Stade Nyonnais (1.L) 2:0
16.12.07 14:30 AC Bellinzona (ChL) FC Gossau (ChL) 2:1
16.12.07 15:30 Neuchâtel Xamax (ASL) BSC Young Boys (ASL) 3:2 n.V.


In this round there is no seeding.

Date Time Home Guest Result
27.02.08 20:15 AC Bellinzona (ChL) Neuchâtel Xamax (ASL) 4:2 n.P.
27.02.08 20:15 FC Basel (ASL) FC Thun (ASL) 1:0


This final did not take place in the traditional location of the Stade de Suisse in Bern. The pitch was being changed at the Stade de Suisse in order to be able to ready in June for the European Championship '08. As the replacement the St. Jakob-Park in Basel was picked. Also the date of the match was moved because of Euro 2008. The Final took place on 6 April 2008.

Teams AC BellinzonaFC Basel
Score 1:4 (0:1)
Date 6 April 2008, 15:45
Stadium St. Jakob-Park, Basel
33'000 Seats Sold
Referee Cyril Zimmermann (Swiss)
Scorers 0:1 Eren Derdiyok (31.), 1:1 Christian Pouga (56.), 1:2 Daniel Majstorović (62.),
1:3 Marco Streller (63.), 1:4 Benjamin Huggel (65.)
Yellow Cards Belotti (20., Foul).
AC Bellinzona BucciBelotti (46. Moresi), Mangiarratti, Carbone; Miccolis (69. Raso), Rivera (73. Conti), La Rocca, Lulić; Taljević; Neri, Pouga
Trainer: Vladimir Petkovic
FC Basel CostanzoZanni, Majstorović, Marque, Nakata; Ba; Derdiyok (46. Streller), Huggel, Ergić, Carlitos (55. David Degen); Eduardo (76. Perović)
Trainer: Christian Gross