2007 ABA All-Star Game

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The 2007 American Basketball Association All-Star Game was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the 10,595 seat Halifax Metro Centre from January 27 to 28.

The first event, held on the 27th included a game between St. Francis Xavier University and Dalhousie University, the three point contest (Won by Aaron Cook of the Vermont Frost Heaves), the slam dunk contest (Won by Donald Beachem of the Texas Tycoons), the awards ceremony, and a small performance by Hedley and Classified to be MC'd by Farley Flex.

The second event on the 28th, included a game between Saint Mary's University and Memorial University, and the All-Star game; East versus West. The West defeated the East 138-123.


  • The Weekend was a success, with an estimated attendance of 2,500 for each event (5,000 total)
  • Hundreds of Rainmen T-shirts were handed out. The Rainmen are the local team of the host city, Halifax, and are beginning play next season.
  • 213 Shots were taken in the game.
  • The All-Star MVP was Billy Knight of The Hollywood Fame. He had 25 points.
  • Donald Beachem of the Texas Tycoons had 22 points.

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