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The Australian Football League celebrates the best act of selflessness or one percenter of the season through the annual AFL Army Award competition.

Winners by Round[edit]

  • Winner of round in BLUE
Round Report Nominees Team % of Votes Match Note
1 Nominations Domenic Cassisi Port Adelaide 10% Fremantle vs Port Adelaide Smother to save the game
Nathan Bassett Adelaide 21% Adelaide vs Essendon Tackle and smother
Daniel Kerr West Coast 69% Sydney Swans vs West Coast Eagles Tackle on Jarrad McVeigh in last minute as he was about to kick for goal with the Eagles 1 point up.
2 Nominations Brett Kirk Sydney 43% Richmond vs Sydney Desperate attack on the ball to win a free kick.
Michael Firrito Port Adelaide 28% Port Adelaide vs Kangaroos 3rd quarter goal saving tackle.
Jed Adcock Brisbane 29% Brisbane vs St. Kilda Good defensive spoil.
3 Nominations


Chad Cornes Port Adelaide 21% Port Adelaide vs Adelaide Handballing off a ball he won in a smother.
Brendan Fevola Carlton 45% Carlton vs Essendon Chase by the full-forward to spoil the disposal of Andrew Lovett.
David Rodan Port Adelaide 34% Port Adelaide vs Adelaide Last quarter diving smother.
4 Nominations Lindsay Gilbee Western Bulldogs 12% Ruchmond vs Western Bulldogs 2nd Quarter Diving Smother
Chad Cornes Port Adelaide 40% Collingwood vs Port Adelaide Last quarter lunging tackle.
Alwyn Davey Essendon 48% St. Kilda vs Essendon Chase and tackle by the speedster resulting in a Matthew Lloyd goal.
5 Nominations


Richard Tambling Richmond 28% Richmond vs West Coast Diving smother in his defensive 50.
Jordan Lewis Hawthorn 32% Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs 1st Quarter diving spoil & 2nd effort
Robert Shirley Adelaide 40% Fremantle vs Adelaide Spoil of ball deep in defence late in an extremely close game.
6 Nominations Winner Shane Crawford Hawthorn 18% Essendon vs Hawthorn Chase and tacle on Brent Stanton.
Glenn Archer Kangaroos 16% Kangaroos vs Sydney Swans 3rd Quarter diving spoil.
Alwyn Davey Essendon 66% Essendon vs Hawthorn Diving smother followed by 2 other efforts.
7 Nominations Chad Cornes Port Adelaide 37% Port Adelaide vs Richmond Defensive desperation preventing Matthew Richardson scoring a goal for Richmond.
Joel Bowden Richmond 35% Port Adelaide vs Richmond Spoil whilst moving backward with the flight of the ball.
Chris Tarrant Fremantle 28% Fremantle vs Hawthorn Good chase & tackle by the Fremantle forward.
8 Nominations


Alwyn Davey Essendon 58% Essendon vs Brisbane Brilliant chase & tackle on Cheynee Stiller.
Daniel Pratt Kangaroos 27% Kangaroos vs Carlton Gutsy attempt to spoil & recovery of the ball to dispose of it to a teammate.
Brian Harris Western Bulldogs 15% Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood Great run, spoil and handball.
9 Winner Chance Bateman Hawthorn 20% Hawthorn vs West Coast Eagles Good smother.
James Hird Essendon 55% Richmond vs Essendon Tackle on the 2nd effort produced a goal from point blank range in an extremely close finish.
Josh Gibson Kangaroos 25% Melbourne vs Kangaroos Goal saving tackle near the end of a game that resulted in a 1 point win.
10 Nominations Daniel Chick West Coast Eagles 57% West Coast Eagles vc Kangaroos Two of 4 last quarter strong tackles.
Jed Adcock Brisbane Lions 23% Richmond vs Brisbane Lions Gutsy defensive spoil on Matthew Richardson in a drawn game.
Rhan Hooper Brisbane Lions 20% Richmond vs Brisbane Lions Chased down and tackled Matthew White in a drawn game.
11 Nominations Danny Stanley Collingwood 47% Melbourne vs Collingwood Rushing a behind in difficult situation in a tight game.
Dustin Fletcher Essendon 36% Essendon vs West Coast Eagles Spoil of ball over boundary in last 10 seconds of game deep in defence whilst leading by 1 point.[1]
James Gwilt St Kilda 17% St Kilda vs Kangaroos Goal saving tackle.
12 Nominations Steven Dodd Fremantle 44% Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle Chased down Brad Johnson over a long distance. Unfortunately for him Johnson got a handball away and then Dodd accidentally kicked the ball out of bounds on the full.
Travis Cloke Collingwood 25% Sydney Swans vs Collingwood Spoilt a kick in and then followed up with a good tackle.
Alan Didak Collingwood 31% Sydney Swans vs Collingwood Two desperate tackles by Didak on Sydney's Ryan O'Keefe.
13 Nominations Essendon Melbourne vs Essendon Chase and tackle as part of a second effort.
Glenn Archer Kangaroos 44% Kangaroos vs Western Bulldogs Made a contest in a tough situation and made a 2nd effort in his 300th game.
Paul Medhurst Collingwood Collingwood vs Hawthorn Diving tackle after long chase.
14* Nominations Matthew Egan Geelong 44% Essendon vs Geelong Goal-saving diving smother against Essendon
Steven Baker St Kilda 22% Collingwood vs St Kilda Great smother and second effort
Nick Maxwell Collingwood 34% Collingwood vs St Kilda Gutsy spoil moving back with the flight of the ball
  • *Denotes current Round

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