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The Australian Football League celebrates the best mark of the season through the annual Mark of the Year competition. In 2007, this is officially known as the Toyota AFL Mark of the Year. Sports Tonight (late edition) shows both the Goal of the Year and Mark of the Year Nominations for the previous round on Wednesday nights.

Winners by Round[edit]

= Round's Winning Mark

Round Report Nominees Team  % of Votes Match Ground Note
1 Nominations Nathan Eagleton Western Bulldogs 32% Western Bulldogs vs Geelong Telstra Dome Flies early and high over pack on the wing
Brett Ebert Port Adelaide 29% Fremantle vs Port Adelaide Subiaco Oval Strong grab over a number of players deep in the forward line
Ted Richards Sydney 39% Sydney vs West Coast Telstra Stadium Courageous mark running back with the flight
2 Winner Darren Milburn Geelong 26% Geelong vs Carlton Telstra Dome Flew high over pack in defensive half
Beau Waters West Coast 43% West Coast vs Collingwood Subiaco Oval Acrobatic leap before crashing to ground
Tim Boyle Hawthorn 31% Hawthorn vs Melbourne MCG Jumped early to take grab in attack
3 Nominations


Mark McVeigh Essendon 75% Carlton vs Essendon MCG Leapt high above Bret Thornton for a spectacular mark.[1]
Campbell Brown Hawthorn 10% Kangaroos vs Hawthorn Telstra Dome Standing jump in the goal-square
Josh Fraser Collingwood 15% Collingwood vs Richmond MCG Leapt over pack for a strong mark
4 Nominations


Jason Blake St Kilda 8% St Kilda vs Essendon Telstra Dome Strong contested mark over Essendon player
Patrick Ryder Essendon 75% St Kilda vs Essendon Telstra Dome Big leap over opponents at half back
Ian Perrie Adelaide 17% Adelaide vs Sydney AAMI Stadium Good leap and mark inside forward 50
5 Nominations


Jay Schulz Richmond 11% Richmond vs West Coast MCG Courageous mark running back with the flight
Luke McGuane Richmond 59% Richmond vs West Coast MCG Huge leap over Adam Hunter and Andrew Embley.[2]
Aaron Edwards Kangaroos 30% Geelong vs Kangaroos Skilled Stadium Big jump over Darren Milburn
6 Nominations


Darren Jolly Sydney 10% Kangaroos vs Sydney Telstra Dome Strong grab over Josh Gibson in the forward pocket
Leo Barry Sydney 36% Kangaroos vs Sydney Telstra Dome Huge mark over a pack in the swans defence.[3]
Beau McDonald Brisbane 54% Brisbane vs Fremantle The Gabba Great leap and hang over Roger Hayden
7 Nominations


Scott Lucas Essendon 33% Kangaroos vs Essendon Telstra Dome Courageous leap and subsequent mark running across the goal.
Aaron Edwards Kangaroos 28% Kangaroos vs Essendon Telstra Dome Strong pack mark.
Nick Riewoldt St. Kilda 39% St. Kilda vs Sydney Telstra Dome Courageous mark running back with the flight of the ball.
8 Nominations


Brent Stanton Essendon 47% Essendon vs Brisbane Telstra Dome Big leap over Brisbane's Luke Power.
Angus Monfries Essendon 28% Essendon vs Brisbane Telstra Dome Jumped over Michael Rischitelli in the forward pocket.
Aaron Edwards Kangaroos 25% Kangaroos vs Carlton Carrara Stadium Spectacular leap over Bret Thornton.
9 Nominations


Aaron Fiora St. Kilda 31% Fremantle v St. Kilda Subiaco Oval Big leap over Fremantle's Peter Bell, before almost landing dangerously on his head.
Jonathan Brown Brisbane 35% Brisbane v Collingwood The Gabba Courageous mark running back with the flight of the ball whilst running into oncoming traffic.[4]
Mark McVeigh Essendon 34% Richmond v Essendon MCG Spectacular leap over a pack.
10 Nominations Leon Davis Collingwood 56% Collingwood v Fremantle MCG One handed mark after a leap and hang over Fremantle's Michael Johnson.
Aaron Fiora St. Kilda 34% St. Kilda v Geelong Telstra Dome Leap over a pack that included each team's ruckman.
Brad Green Melbourne 10% Melbourne v Adelaide MCG One of those courage filled marks running with the flight of the ball into the unknown.
11 Nominations Josh Fraser Collingwood 51% Melbourne v Collingwood MCG One handed mark from a kick by Dane Swan in the goal square in a one-on-one contest.
Brad Green Melbourne 18% Melbourne v Collingwood MCG Pack mark deep in defence.[5]
Jason Laycock Essendon 31% Essendon v West Coast Eagles Telstra Dome Contested mark after pushing off the back off his team-mate Scott Lucas.
12 Nominations Anthony Rocca Collingwood 49% Sydney Swans v Collingwood Telstra Stadium Spectacular leap over Leo Barry.
Chris Tarrant Fremantle 18% Western Bulldogs v Fremantle TIO Stadium Leap in the goal square over Brian Harris.[6]
Colin Sylvia Melbourne 33% Richmond v Melbourne MCG Big mark over Jake King.
13 Nominations Russell Robertson Melbourne 31% Essendon v Melbourne Telstra Stadium A big leap over Adam McPhee.
Drew Petrie Kangaroos 32% Kangaroos v Western Bulldogs MCG Screamer deep in his own forward line.
Shane Edwards Richmond 37% Richmond v Melbourne MCG Pack mark over his team-mate Matthew Richardson.
14 Xavier Ellis Hawthorn Adelaide v Hawthorn AAMI Stadium Chest mark running with the flight of the ball.
Ben McGlynn Hawthorn Adelaide v Hawthorn AAMI Stadium One handed mark hanger.
Mark Seaby West Coast Eagles West Coast Eagles v Brisbane Lions Subiaco Oval Hit the pack hard and took mark deep in the forward 50.
  • *Denotes current Round

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