2007 African floods

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2007 African floods
Date 3 days
Location  Senegal
 Burkina Faso
Deaths 250

The 2007 floods of Africa was reported by the UN to be one of the worst floodings in recorded history. The flooding started with rains on September 14, 2007 local time. Over 14 countries had been affected in the continent of Africa, 250 people were reported to have been killed by the flooding and 1.5 million were affected. The UN had issued warnings of water borne diseases and locust infestations.

Info from African sources[edit]


400,000 were homeless with at least 20 people dead and crops and livestock had been washed away.


George Azi Amoo - Ghana's national disaster management co-ordinator


64 people were reported killed.


17 people were reported dead. In the Afar Region, the Awash River flooded caused a dam to collapse. Around 4,500 people were stranded, surrounded by water.


150,000 people were displaced and 21 reported dead. 170 schools were under water.


18 people were reported dead and 500 residences were washed away by floods.


5 bridges had collapsed and 250 residences were washed away.

Burkina Faso[edit]

33 people were reported dead.


12 people were reported dead.


20 people were reported dead.


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