2007 Brownlow Medal

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2007 Brownlow Medal
Date 24 September
Location Crown Palladium
Hosted by Bruce McAvaney
Winner Jimmy Bartel (Geelong)
29 votes
Television/Radio coverage
Network Seven Network

The 2007 Brownlow Medal was held at the Crown Palladium in Melbourne, Victoria on 24 September 2007. It is the most prestigious individual award in the Australian Football League and is given to the player adjudged to be the best and fairest player during the home and away season.

The winner of the 2007 Brownlow Medal was Jimmy Bartel of the Geelong Football Club with 29 votes.

Leading votegetters[edit]

Jimmy Bartel won by seven votes, despite missing the final two games after having an appendectomy.[1] Geelong polled the most votes of all teams with 108 total votes, although Port Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane also had 16 players receive votes.[2] Chris Judd was the early leader, setting the record for polling votes in the most consecutive games with votes in the first eight games, before not receiving another vote for the remainder of the season.[3]

Player Votes
1st Jimmy Bartel (Geelong) 29
= 2nd Simon Black (Brisbane)
Brent Harvey (Kangaroos)
Daniel Kerr (West Coast)* 22
4th Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn) 21
= 5th Gary Ablett, Jr. (Geelong)
Dane Swan (Collingwood)
Adam Goodes (Sydney)* 20
7th Scott Thompson (Adelaide) 18
8th Jonathan Brown (Brisbane) 17
= 9th Nick Dal Santo (St Kilda)
Luke Hodge (Hawthorn)
Chris Judd (West Coast)
Shaun Burgoyne (Port Adelaide)* 16

* The player was ineligible to win the medal due to suspension by the AFL Tribunal during the year.

Voting procedure[edit]

Under the current procedures, the three field umpires (those umpires who control the flow of the game, as opposed to goal or boundary umpires) confer after each match and award 3 votes, 2 votes and 1 vote to the players they regard as the best, second best and third best in the match respectively.


The poor showing by key forwards and backmen was widely criticised, with some claiming that it is now only a midfielders medal.[4] The only non-midfielder in the top 10 votegetters was Coleman Medalist Jonathan Brown and precount second favourite and key defender Chad Cornes only polled 12 votes to be outside the top 20.

Ineligible players[edit]

As the award is for the Best and Fairest player in the league, players found guilty of a suspendable offence by the AFL Tribunal are ineligible to win the award. This caused some confusion, as with the points system currently in use, a player can be ineligible if they were found guilty, but due to points discounts from a previous good record or guilty plea, they were not actually suspended during the year. In the weeks before the count it was discovered that Brett Kirk was ineligible due to a guilty plea in Round 8, but remained active in the betting markets for the remainder of the season.[5]

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