2007 Football League Trophy Final

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2007 Football League Trophy Final
Millennium Stadium inside.jpg
Event 2006–07 Football League Trophy
Date 1 April 2007
Venue Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Referee Graham Laws (Tyne & Wear)
Attendance 59,024

The 2007 Football League Trophy Final was the 24th final of the domestic football cup competition for teams from Football Leagues One and Two, the Football League Trophy. The final was played at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on 1 April 2007, the last time that the final would be played in the stadium. The match was contested by Bristol Rovers and Doncaster Rovers. Doncaster won the match 3–2 with Graeme Lee scoring the winning goal twenty minutes into extra-time.



Match details[edit]

1 April 2007
13:00 BST
Bristol Rovers 2–3 (a.e.t.) Doncaster Rovers
Walker Goal 49' (pen)
Igoe Goal 62'
Forte Goal 1'
Heffernan Goal 5'
Lee Goal 110'
Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Attendance: 59,024
Referee: Graham Laws (Tyne & Wear)
Bristol Rovers
Doncaster Rovers
GK 1 Steve Phillips
RB 32 Aaron Lescott
CB 6 Steve Elliott
CB 5 Craig Hinton
LB 11 Chris Carruthers
RM 4 Sammy Igoe Substituted off 100'
CM 7 Stuart Campbell
CM 20 Craig Disley
LM 26 Lewis Haldane Substituted off 107'
CF 9 Rickie Lambert
CF 10 Richard Walker Substituted off 100'
GK 31 Mike Green
DF 15 Byron Anthony
MF 17 Andy Sandell Substituted in 100'
MF 22 Chris Lines Substituted in 107'
FW 19 Stuart Nicholson Substituted in 100'
Paul Trollope
GK 1 Neil Sullivan
RB 2 James O'Connor
CB 11 Adam Lockwood
CB 5 Graeme Lee
LB 18 Sean McDaid
RM 26 James Coppinger YC 86'
CM 19 Brian Stock Substituted off 102' YC 98'
CM 20 Paul Green
LM 17 Jonathan Forte Substituted off 87'
CF 23 Jason Price Substituted off 59'
CF 14 Paul Heffernan
DF 3 Gareth Roberts
MF 8 Sean Thornton Substituted in 59'
FW 10 Bruce Dyer
MF 15 Mark Wilson Substituted in 102'
FW 7 Lewis Guy Substituted in 87'
Sean O'Driscoll


  • 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes of extra-time if necessary.
  • Penalty shoot-out if scores still level.
  • Five named substitutes
  • Maximum of three substitutions.

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