2007 Moscow Victory Day Parade

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2007 Moscow Victory Day Parade 09.jpg

The Moscow Victory Parade of 2007 was a celebration of the 62nd anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War. It was the last time Vladimir Putin made a holiday address in his first term as president.The parade was commanded by the head of the Moscow Garrison General of the army Vladimir Bakin, and reviewing the parade was Minister of Defence Anatoliy Serdyukov.Music was performed by the Moscow Garrison's Central Orchestra under Major General Valery Khalilov.[1][2][3]

This was the very first parade that was watched by people online outside of Russia.

Parading Troops[edit]

2007 Moscow Victory Day Parade 10.jpg
2007 Moscow Victory Day Parade 07.jpg

Training for the parade took place from March to April in the Alabino, Moscow Oblast.


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