(214869) 2007 PA8

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The asteroid during its 2012 close approach

(214869) 2007 PA8 is an Apollo near-Earth asteroid roughly 1.6 km in diameter that came within 6.5 million km (4 million miles, 17 lunar distances) of Earth on November 5, 2012.[1][2] It was discovered on August 9, 2007 by LINEAR.[2] It was studied by the 70 m (230 ft) Goldstone Deep Space Network antenna as it came near Earth, which resulted in radar images and other data about the asteroid, such as its rotation rate.[2] It has an Apollo type orbit and is classified as a potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA).[2]

(214869) 2007 PA8 may be a dormant comet related to the November γ Pegasids meteor shower.[3]

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