2007 PBA Fiesta Conference

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2007 PBA Fiesta Conference
Duration March 4 – July 20, 2007
TV partner(s) ABC
Champions Alaska Aces
Runners-up Talk 'N Text Phone Pals
Best Player Mark Cardona (Talk 'N Text)
Best Import Rosell Ellis (Alaska)
Finals MVP Willie Miller (Alaska)
PBA Fiesta Conference chronology
PBA conference chronology

The 2007 Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Fiesta Conference or known as the 2007 Talk 'N Text PBA Fiesta Conference for sponsorship reasons, is the second conference of the 2006-07 season of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). Teams are allowed to pick an import with a maximum height-limit of 6-feet, 6-inches tall.

The tournament began on March 4 and finished on July 20. The schedule will be shortened due to the league's commitment to the Philippine national basketball team while 12 players selected by national team head coach Chot Reyes will not play for their mother teams.

Red Bull Barako is the defending champions of the tournament.[1]

Talk 'N Text, a product of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company was the main sponsor of the tournament. They also sponsor the 2006-07 PBA Philippine Cup that ended a month before the tournament.

List of imports[edit]

The following is the list of imports, which had played for their respective teams at least once, with the returning imports in italics. Highlighted are the imports who stayed with their respective teams for the whole conference.

# Name Team Debuted
1 Alex Compton Welcoat Dragons March 4 vs. Coca-Cola
2 Charles Clark III Welcoat Dragons March 4 vs. Coca-Cola
3 Anthony Johnson Coca-Cola Tigers March 4 vs. Welcoat
4 Jesse King Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants March 4 vs. Red Bull
5 James Penny Red Bull Barako March 4 vs. Purefoods
6 Shawn Daniels Air21 Express March 7 vs. Sta. Lucia
7 Marcellus Christian Air 21 Express March7 vs. Barangay Ginebra
8 Rosell Ellis Alaska Aces March 7 vs. Talk 'N Text
9 Rock Winston Sta. Lucia Realtors March 7 vs. Air21
10 James Sullinger Talk 'N Text Phone Pals March 7 vs. Alaska
11 Vidal Massiah San Miguel Beermen March 9 vs. Red Bull
12 Rod Nealy Barangay Ginebra Kings March 11 vs. Alaska
13 Paul McMillan San Miguel Beermen March 17 vs. Coca-Cola
14 Marquin Chandler Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants March 21 vs. San Miguel
15 Galen Young San Miguel Beermen April 11 vs. Alaska
16 Rob Sanders Welcoat Dragons April 15 vs. San Miguel
17 Jeff Varem Coca-Cola Tigers April 20 vs. Barangay Ginebra
18 Wayland White Welcoat Dragons May 2 vs. Barangay Ginebra
19 Jamaal Williams Sta. Lucia Realtors May 2 vs. Air21
20 Rashad Bell Coca-Cola Tigers May 30 vs. Red Bull

Welcoat was allowed to have two imports. Compton, is an American citizen was born in the Philippines and was a member of the several local teams playing as a local.

Tournament format[edit]

  • Double round eliminations. Worst team would be eliminated.
  • Sixth- to ninth-best teams figure in the one-game wildcard playoffs.
    • Sixth seed vs. Ninth seed
    • Seventh seed vs. Eighth seed
    • Winners will figure in a playoff to advance to the quarterfinals.
  • Third- to fifth-best teams, and the winner of the wildcards advance to the best-of-three quarterfinals.
    • Third seed vs. winner of wildcards.
    • Fourth seed vs. fifth seed.
  • The two best teams and the winners of the quarterfinals advance to the best-of-seven semifinals.
    • First seed vs. winner of the third seed/wildcard winner quarterfinal series
    • Second seed vs. winner of the fourth seed/fifth seed quarterfinal series
  • The winners of the semifinals advance to the best-of-seven Finals; the losers figure in a one-game third-place playoff.

Elimination round[edit]

Qualified for semifinals
Qualified for quarterfinals
Qualified for wildcards

Team standings[edit]

# Team W L GB PCT Ties
Diff Clas
1 Red Bull Barako 13 5 -- .722
2 Alaska Aces 12 6 1 .667 NA* 103-95
3 Barangay Ginebra Kings 12 6 1 .667 NA* 95-103
4 Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 11 7 2 .611
5 Air21 Express 10 8 3 .556 NA* 103-99
6 San Miguel Beermen 10 8 3 .556 NA* 99-103
7 Coca-Cola Tigers 7 11 6 .389
8 Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants 6 12 7 .333
9 Sta. Lucia Realtors 5 13 8 .278
10 Welcoat Dragons 4 14 9 .222

Legend: GB = games behind; PCT = Winning percentage; Diff = Points difference; Clas = Classification game
Note: NA* = Not applicable, if two teams are tied for #2, #5 and #9, a classification game (a knockout game in case for the #9 seed) will be held regardless of elimination round results.

Seeding playoffs[edit]

Ties were held for the second and fifth seeds; since the ties were at critical positions (i.e. the seeds were at the last berths for a stage), classification games will be held to determine which team will clinch the higher seed, and the privileges that go along with it.

June 6
5th seed
Air21 Express 103, San Miguel Beermen 99
June 6
2nd seed
Alaska Aces 103, Barangay Ginebra Kings 95


Wildcard phase
Knockout games
Quarter finals
Best of 3 series
Semi finals
Best of 7 series
Best of 7 series
    3  Brgy. Ginebra 1  
    6  San Miguel 2  
6  San Miguel 102       6  San Miguel 2  
9  Sta. Lucia 85       2  Alaska 4  
  6  San Miguel 102       2  Alaska 4
  7  Coca-Cola 101       4  Talk 'N Text 3
7  Coca-Cola 100     1  Red Bull 2
8  Purefoods 97       4  Talk 'N Text 4      Third-place playoff
  4  Talk 'N Text 2     6  San Miguel 96
  5  Air21 1     1  Red Bull 103


Barangay Ginebra-San Miguel series[edit]

June 13
San Miguel Beermen 87, Barangay Ginebra Kings 113
June 15
San Miguel Beermen 111, Barangay Ginebra Kings 89
June 17
San Miguel Beermen 117, Barangay Ginebra Kings 114 (OT)
San Miguel wins series, 2-1

Talk 'N Text-Air21 series[edit]

June 13
Air21 Express 121, Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 102
June 15
Air21 Express 92, Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 108
June 17
Air21 Express 112, Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 114
Talk 'N Text wins series, 2-1


Red Bull-Talk 'N Text series[edit]

June 20
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 101, Red Bull Barako 107
June 22
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 107, Red Bull Barako 103
June 24
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 105, Red Bull Barako 98
June 27
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 104, Red Bull Barako 111
June 29
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 112, Red Bull Barako 111
July 1
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 122, Red Bull Barako 110
Talk 'N Text wins series, 4-2

Alaska-San Miguel series[edit]

June 20
San Miguel Beermen 99, Alaska Aces 100
June 22
San Miguel Beermen 68, Alaska Aces 93
June 24
San Miguel Beermen 91, Alaska Aces 81
June 27
San Miguel Beermen 87, Alaska Aces 93
June 29
San Miguel Beermen 126, Alaska Aces 108
July 1
San Miguel Beermen 109, Alaska Aces 113 (2OT)
Alaska wins series, 4-2

Third-place playoff[edit]

July 4
San Miguel Beermen 96, Red Bull Barako 103
Red Bull wins third-place trophy


Prior to Game 1, Sandwich performed "Laban kung Laban," the TV theme song of the PBA.

Game 1[edit]

July 6
7:30 P.M.
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 85, Alaska Aces 113
Scoring by quarter: 28-16, 16-29, 19-37, 22-31
Pts: James Sullinger 25
Rebs: James Sullinger 12
Asts: Mark Cardona 3
Pts: Cortez, Ellis 22 each
Rebs: Rosell Ellis 13
Asts: Rosell Ellis 10
Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
Referees: Cruz, Herrera, Ferrer

Game 2[edit]

July 8
6:30 P.M.
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 120, Alaska Aces 113
Scoring by quarter: 28-30, 25-30, 31-33, 27-29
Pts: Mark Cardona 30
Rebs: Yancy de Ocampo 9
Asts: Mark Cardona 5
Pts: Rosell Ellis 40
Rebs: Rosell Ellis 18
Asts: Rosell Ellis 7
Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
Referees: Calungcaguin, Aldaba, Ferrer

Game 3[edit]

July 11
7:30 P.M.
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 95, Alaska Aces 87
Scoring by quarter: 15-30, 25-26, 27-12, 28-19
Pts: James Sullinger 30
Rebs: James Sullinger 15
Asts: James Sullinger 8
Pts: Willie Miller 29
Rebs: Rosell Ellis 13
Asts: Ellis, Hugnatan 3 each
Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
Referees: Montiel, Herrera, Canizares

Game 4[edit]

July 13
7:30 P.M.
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 82, Alaska Aces 86
Scoring by quarter: 25-21, 18-24, 23-18, 16-23
Pts: James Sullinger 26
Rebs: James Sullinger 13
Asts: Donbel Belano 5
Pts: Willie Miller 29
Rebs: Rosell Ellis 14
Asts: Willie Miller 4
Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
Referees: Canizares, Aldaba, Cruz

Game 5[edit]

July 15
6:30 p.m.
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 107, Alaska Aces 104
Scoring by quarter: 31-25, 23-20, 25-27, 28-32
Pts: James Sullinger 24
Rebs: Sullinger, Carey 8 each
Asts: Mark Cardona 5
Pts: Rosell Ellis 28
Rebs: Rosell Ellis 16
Asts: Miller, Ellis 5 each
Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
Attendance: 11,097
Referees: Quilinguen, Herrera, Montiel

Game 6[edit]

July 18
7:05 p.m.
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 110, Alaska Aces 121
Scoring by quarter: 34-22, 11-34, 31-38, 34-27
Pts: Mark Cardona 29
Rebs: James Sullinger 9
Asts: James Sullinger 3
Pts: Willie Miller 37
Rebs: Rosell Ellis 16
Asts: Cortez, Ellis 8 each
Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
Referees: Cruz, Calungcaguin, Canizares

Game 7[edit]

July 20
7:05 P.M.
Talk 'N Text Phone Pals 96, Alaska Aces 99
Scoring by quarter: 26-25, 27-20, 19-25, 24-29
Pts: Sullinger 30
Rebs: Sullinger 13
Asts: Sullinger 5
Pts: Ellis 30
Rebs: Ellis 10
Asts: Ellis 9
Alaska wins series 4–3
Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City
Attendance: 10,040
Referees: Quilinguen, Aldaba, Calungcaguin

On Game 1, the Phone Pals raced into a twenty-point lead at the first quarter but the Aces chipped in to lead by a point by halftime. The Phone Pals lost steam as the Aces won the first game. The Phone Pals reversed the roles as the Aces themselves lost steam at the ends of Games 2 and 3 for a Phone Pals 2-1 series lead.

With a 1–3 deficit looming, newly crowned MVP Willie Miller stepped up his performance as he tied his conference-high 29 points to lead the Aces into victory on Game 4. Conference Best Player Mark Cardona blew the Phone Pals chances' when he turned the ball over with 4 seconds with a 2-point deficit to lead a Rosell Ellis tip-in from a Sonny Thoss missed lay-up.

On Game 5, Willie Miller turned cold when the Phone Pals started pulling away. The Piltel franchise notched win #3 to assure a twice-to-beat advantage. Miller, who was severely criticized by a lackluster performance by the MVP, answered his critics with a 37-point output (the best in the Finals by a local) to lead the Aces to a Game 6 win and to force a Game 7.


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