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The 2007 Tour of Ireland took place between 22 August to 26 August. It was the first Tour of Ireland race to take place in fifteen years, since 1992.[1] The overall classification was won by Belgian Stijn Vandenbergh who finished 20 seconds ahead of Swedish Marcus Ljungqvist.[2][3]

The weather for the 2007 Tour Of Ireland was warm and sunny.[4]

Participant Information[edit]

Stijn Vandenbergh[edit]

Belgian, Stijn Vandenbergh won the overall classification. He won by 20 seconds. Stijn won the first leg (174 km) of the tour, on the 22nd of August. He then went on to win the 2007 Tour Of Ireland. Stijn's date of birth was the 25/4/1984, making him 23 at the time of the race. He weighs 85 kg and stands at 199 cm. To date, Tour Of Ireland 2007, has been his biggest achievement in his cycling career. More about Stijn and his cycling career can be found on this link.[5]

Marcus Ljungqvist[edit]

Sweden born Marcus Ljungqvist, didn't win any leg of the tour, however finished on an overall 2nd, 20 seconds behind the winner. Marcus was born on 26/10/1974, making him 32 at the time of the race. The 2007 Tour Of Ireland, sits as a high achievement for him, with a win in the Tour De Luxembourg. More about Marcus and his cycling career can be found on this link.[6]


Stage Route Distance Date Winner Team
1 Kilkenny - Cork 174 km (108 mi) Wednesday, 22 August Stijn Vandenbergh
2 Clonakilty - Killarney 166 km (103 mi) Thursday, 23 August Matti Breschel
3 Tralee - Ennis 194 km (121 mi) Friday, 24 August Borut Božič
4 Galway 232.5 km (144.5 mi) Saturday, 25 August Edvald Boasson Hagen
5 Athlone - Dublin 147.7 km (91.8 mi) Sunday, 26 August Marco Marcato


Map of ireland.jpgStage
(Winner, team)
General Classification Points Classification Mountains Classification Young Rider Classification Team Classification
0Stage 1
(Stijn Vandenbergh, Unibet.com)
Stijn Vandenbergh (Unibet.com) Stijn Vandenbergh (Unibet.com) Roger Beuchat Stijn Vandenbergh (Unibet.com) Unibet.com
0Stage 2
(Matti Breschel, Team CSC)
Matti Breschel (Team CSC) Luis Pasamontes (Unibet)
0Stage 3
(Borut Božič, Team LPR)
0Stage 4
(Edvald Boasson Hagen, Maxbo-Bianchi)
Edvald Boasson Hagen (Maxbo-Bianchi) Roger Beuchat
0Stage 5
(Marco Marcato, Team LPR)
Matti Breschel (Team CSC)
Stijn Vandenbergh (Unibet.com) Matti Breschel (Team CSC) Roger Beuchat Stijn Vandenbergh (Unibet.com)


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