2007 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships

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2007 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships
Logo uci icwm07.gif
Host city Winterthur, Switzerland
Date(s)  (2007-11-09 - 2007-11-11)9 November–11 November 2007
Stadium Eulachhalle
Nations participating 21
Cyclists participating 144
The logo of the Indoor Cycling world championship in Winterthur

The 2007 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships took place in Winterthur in switzerland from the 9 to 11 November and crowned world champions in the cycling disciplines of cycle ball and artistic cycling. Germany managed to get all seven gold medals at this championship and won 11 medals in total - including all three in men's single artistic cycling.

The whole event was located in the stadium Eulachhalle, originally the home stadium of the handball club Pfadi Winterthur. It was actually the second indoor cycling world championship held in Winterthur after the one in 1997.

In total 144 athletes out of 21 nations took part in the competition. The participating nations were all from Europe and Asia, except for a Tchad starting Czech team.


The idea to give Winterthur another world championship indoor cycling after the one in 1997 came from Marianne Kern, member of the RMV Pfungen and member of the management board of Swiss Cycling for indoor cycling. After the candidature of Winterthur was made public the other candidates revoke their candidatures so that Winterthur could perform the World Championship. The whole event had a budget of 750'000 swiss francs - after the end of the WC they made a profit of 29'600 SFr.[1]

The organising committee[edit]

  • Daniel Frei, president
  • Max Wullschleger, finances
  • Marianne Kern, sport
  • Toni Hostettler, marketing
  • Daniel Spengler, infrastructure

The members of the OC are all out of the city and the region of Winterthur.


The whole event took place in the Eulachhalle in Winterthur. During the event one hall was used for the sporting events and the other was an event hall, where you could eat and also a cultural program was there. In the entrance area there were some exhibitors, a bar, a coat check and an information desk. The Eulachhalle was sold out during the whole event with an amount of 3280 spectators, what was a hall record.

Medals table[edit]

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Germany 6 3 2 11
2  Austria 0 3 0 3
3   Switzerland 0 0 3 3
4  Czech Republic 0 0 1 1
Total 6 6 6 18

Cycle ball[edit]

Es wurde ein 2er-Teamwettkampf bei den Herren durchgeführt.


The competitors started in three different groups, ordered after their strengthness. In group A the fight for the medals took place. In all groups they compete in the league mode against each other. For group B and C the table afterwarts is the final results.

In group A there was afterwarts an intermediate stage where the 2nd- against the 5th-placed and the 3rd against the 4th placed played. The winners came into a final round with the winner of the first round. The two first teams of the final round make out the world cup winner in a final game at the end.

Group A[edit]

In the group A Germany could win the final game against Austria with 6:4. Top goalgetter was the Austrian player Martin Lingg.

place country player 1 player 2
1.  Germany Thomas Abel Christian Hess
2.  Austria Martin Lingg Markus Bröll
3.   Switzerland Timo Reichen Peter Jiricek
4.  Czech Republic Robert Loskot Pavel Vitula
5.  Croatia Jasmin Fazlic Michael Posedi
6.  Belgium Rudy Covent Peter Martens

Relegation game group A/B[edit]

 Japan -  Belgium 3:2

Group B[edit]

place country player 1 player 2 GD Pts.
1.  Japan Naoya Kinoshita Ko Matsuda 24:14 9
2.  Romania Dorian Doroftei Mircea Tric 14:9 8
3.  Spain Daniel Cortés Balsalobre Florencio Monge 11:15 4
4.  Slovakia Dalibor Roznik Robert Rizmann 8:15 3
5.  France Frédérique Marcoux Michel Maillavin 12:15 2

Relegation game group B/C[edit]

 Hong Kong -  France 6:4

Group C[edit]

place country player 1 player 2 GD Pts.
1.  Hong Kong Man Fai Lo Wing Tai Ho 39:8 16
2.  Hungary Tamás Szitás Vilmos Toma 37:15 13
3.  Malaysia Abd Halim Samsinar Dahlan Mohd Zikri 28:19 6
4.  Macau U Hin Lai Run Quin Lin 4:66 0

Artistic cycling[edit]

There were competitions in single, pair and four-man-team for women and in single and pair for men.


At first there was a qualification round with all athletes. The four best athletes could fight for the medals in the final.



In total 23 athletes out of 12 nations participated in that discipline.

final table
place country competitor max pts. final pts.
1.  Germany Anja Scheu 338.00 331.60
2.  Austria Sarah Kohl 335.40 328.51
3.  Germany Sandra Beck 336.80 326.35
4.  Czech Republic Martina Trnková 336.60 322.27


In total 14 teams out of 9 nations participated in that discipline. The German team Schulheis/Sprinkmeier made in qualification round with 316.39 points a new world record.

final table
place country competitor 1 competitor 2 max pts. final pts.
1.  Germany Katrin Schultheis Sandra Sprinkmeier 325.40 311.61
2.  Germany Jasmin Soika Katharina Wurster 315.60 302.37
3.  Czech Republic Andrea Petríckova Iva Valesová 304.00 288.61
4.   Switzerland Barbara Morf Nina Bommeli 300.00 288.07


Beside the finalists Hungary and France had a team, but they had both no chances for the finals.

final table
place country team max pts. final pts.
1.  Germany Manuela Dieterle
Katja Gaisser
Simone Rudolf
Ines Rudolf
368.60 356.23
2.  Austria Kathrin Hagen
Melanie Melbinger
Martina Schwar
Silke Melbinger
371.80 352.31
3.   Switzerland Angela Bolliger
Daniela Keller
Doris Roth
Corinna Paul
365.00 345.87
4.  Czech Republic Markéta Tobolíková
Jana Oplocká
Michaela Matousková
Katerina Pribylová
366.80 331.47



In total 23 Athletes out of 13 nations participated in that discipline.

final table
place country competitor max pts. final pts.
1.  Germany Robin Hartmann 349.60 347.25
2.  Germany David Schnabel 348.20 346.97
3.  Germany Michael Brugger 346.20 342.81
4.  Czech Republic Milan Krivánek 332.60 325.27


In total 12 Doubles out of 7 nations participated in that discipline.

final table
place country competitor 1 competitor 2 max pts. final pts.
1.  Germany Felix Niederberger Jonas Niederberger 328.40 320.33
2.  Germany Viktor Volk Manuel Huber 321.80 306.88
3.   Switzerland Beni Jost Joel Schmid 299.00 294.53
4.  Hong Kong Sum Yee Yu Tin Hin Lo 298.20 290.30


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