2007 World Championships in Athletics – Men's shot put

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2007 World Championships
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The Men's Shot Put event at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics took place on August 25, 2007 at the Nagai Stadium in Osaka, Japan.


Victory ceremony
Gold United States Reese Hoffa (USA)
Silver United States Adam Nelson (USA)
Bronze Netherlands Rutger Smith (NED)

Note: In 2013 it was revealed that Andrei Mikhnevich, the original bronze medalist, tested positive for a prohibited substance at the 2005 World Championships. Since this was his second offense, he was given a lifetime ban and all his results from August 2005 on were annulled. [1]


  • All results shown are in metres
Q automatic qualification
q qualification by rank
DNS did not start
NM no mark
WR world record
AR area record
NR national record
PB personal best
SB season best


Standing records prior to the 2007 World Athletics Championships
World Record  Randy Barnes (USA) 23.12 m May 20, 1990 United States Westwood, United States
Event Record  Werner Günthör (SUI) 22.23 m August 29, 1987 Italy Rome, Italy



Group A[edit]

Place Athlete Time Notes
1 United States Adam Nelson (USA) 20.81 Q
2 Denmark Joachim Olsen (DEN) 20.62 Q
3 Belarus Yury Bialou (BLR) 20.26 Q
4 Poland Tomasz Majewski (POL) 20.25 Q
5 Jamaica Dorian Scott (JAM) 20.01 q
6 Russia Anton Lyuboslavskiy (RUS) 19.91  
7 France Yves Niaré (FRA) 19.62  
8 Slovakia Milan Haborák (SVK) 19.55  
9 Finland Mika Vasara (FIN) 19.55  
10 Belarus Pavel Lyzhyn (BLR) 19.45  
11 India Navpreet Singh (IND) 19.35  
12 Saudi Arabia Sultan Abdulmajeed Al-Habashi (KSA) 19.20  
13 Argentina Germán Lauro (ARG) 19.19  
14 Chile Marco Antonio Verni (CHI) 18.68  
15 United States Noah Bryant (USA) 18.58  
16 Czech Republic Antonin Žalský (CZE) 18.50  
17 Moldova Ivan Emilianov (MDA) 18.47  
Germany Peter Sack (GER) NM  
Bosnia and Herzegovina Hamza Alic (BIH) NM  
Serbia Dragan Peric (SRB) DNS  

Group B[edit]

Place Athlete Time Notes
1 Netherlands Rutger Smith (NED) 21.04 Q
2 United States Reese Hoffa (USA) 20.89 Q
3 Germany Ralf Bartels (GER) 20.33 Q
4 Canada Dylan Armstrong (CAN) 20.07 q
5 Slovenia Miran Vodovnik (SLO) 19.97 q
6 Russia Pavel Sofin (RUS) 19.92 q
7 Australia Scott Martin (AUS) 19.81  
8 Slovakia Mikuláš Konopka (SVK) 19.63  
9 Czech Republic Petr Stehlík (CZE) 19.51  
10 Finland Robert Häggblom (FIN) 19.29  
11 Latvia Maris Urtans (LAT) 19.17  
12 Qatar Khalid Habash Al-Suwaidi (QAT) 19.09  
13 Croatia Nedzad Mulabegovic (CRO) 18.69  
14 Serbia Milan Jotanović (SRB) 18.57  
15 Chinese Taipei Chang Ming Huang (TPE) 18.53  
16 United States Daniel Taylor (USA) 18.45  
17 Japan Satoshi Hatase (JPN) 17.71  
18 Hungary Lajos Kürthy (HUN) 17.56  
Spain Manuel Martínez (ESP) NM  
Belarus Andrei Mikhnevich (BLR) 20.23 Q, DQ


Place Athlete Mark Notes
1 United States Reese Hoffa (USA) 22.04  
2 United States Adam Nelson (USA) 21.61 SB
3 Netherlands Rutger Smith (NED) 21.13  
4 Poland Tomasz Majewski (POL) 20.87 PB
5 Slovenia Miran Vodovnik (SLO) 20.67 SB
6 Germany Ralf Bartels (GER) 20.45 Q
7 Belarus Yury Bialou (BLR) 20.34  
8 Canada Dylan Armstrong (CAN) 20.23  
9 Russia Pavel Sofin (RUS) 19.62  
Jamaica Dorian Scott (JAM) NM  
Denmark Joachim Olsen (DEN) NM  
Belarus Andrei Mikhnevich (BLR) 21.27 DQ

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