2007 World Youth Report

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2007 World Youth Report
UN World Youth Report 2007.jpg
Cover image from the UN website
Author Sergei Zelenev, Johan Schölvinck
Country International
Language English
Series United Nations World Youth Report
Subject Youth, World Development
Publisher United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Publication date
Media type pdf, paperback
Pages 349 pp (pdf edition)
ISBN 978-92-1-130257-8
OCLC 234135928
Preceded by 2005 World Youth Report

The 2007 World Youth Report is part of a series of publications released by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs which presents an overview of the challenges young people encoutner as they become adults (cf. 2005 World Youth Report, 2003 World Youth Report). The study evaluates the role which governments and other 'stakeholders' have taken to facilitate this transition.

According to the report, "The fundamental premise of the report and an analytical point of departure is that facilitating young people’s transition to adulthood by improving their health prospects, expanding education and employment opportunities, and providing opportunities for participation in all aspects of development is an essential precondition for achieving the inclusive, equitable societies...".[1] The staff of the United Nations Program on Youth, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, compiled and organized report. The editors include Johan Schölvinck, Director of the Division for Social Policy and Development, and Sergei Zelenev, Chief of the Social Integration Branch, who provided overall leadership and a review of the report as a whole.[2]

"The World Youth Report 2007 examines the challenges and opportunities existing for the roughly 1.2 billion young people between the ages of 15 and 24 in the world. Distinct from the 2003 and 2005 editions, it provides a regional overview summarizing the major youth development trends in the fifteen priority areas of the World Programme of Action for Youth. The report explores major issues of concern to youth development, including employment, education, health, poverty and violence. At the same time, it highlights youth as a positive force for development and provides recommendations for supporting their essential contributions."[3]


  • Asian youth in the context of rapid globalization
  • Latin American youth in an era of socio-economic and political change
  • Overcoming the barriers of poverty: challenges for youth participation in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Labour market participation among youth in the Middle East and North Africa and the special challenges faced by young women
  • Tackling the poverty of opportunity in small island developing States
  • Labour market challenges and new vulnerabilities for youth in economies in transition
  • Opportunities for youth development in developed market economies: An unequal playing field
  • Ensuring youth development around the world: The way forward


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