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Events from the year 2007 in Armenia





  • February 1 - The private Turkish television channel TGRT broadcast video footage of the man accused of shooting Hrant Dink posing proudly behind a Turkish flag, flanked by police officers of both military and security police, allegedly filmed in the police bureau of Samsun. The video caused shock and consternation as commentators warned it was another sign of the growing power of Turkish ultra-nationalism.
  • February 2 - Armenians, Kurds and Turks call on the British Parliament to recognize the Armenian Genocide.
  • February 5 - An Azerbaijani soldier taken prisoner by Armenian forces has been charged with treason in Azerbaijan after returning there.
  • February 5 - The United States donates a mobile field hospital to the Armenian Army.
  • February 5 - According to Armenian Energy Minister Armen Movsisian, the first Armenian section of a key gas pipeline running from neighboring Iran will be officially inaugurated next month or in April at the latest.



  • April 16 - The offices of the Prosperous Armenia political party in Yerevan are bombed. No one is killed and no one has claimed responsibility.[9]
  • April 20 - The Basque Parliament approved an institutional declaration recognising the Armenian Genocide. The Basque Parliament included six articles where it affirms the authenticity of the Armenian Genocide and declares sympathy to the Armenians, while at the same time denouncing Turkey's negation of the genocide and its economic blockade imposed on Armenia.



  • June 5 - The Chilean Senate unanimously adopted a legislation recognising the Armenian Genocide and urging its government to support a key 1985 United Nations Subcommission report properly describing this crime against humanity as a clear instance of genocide.




  • September 7 - Armenian Energy Minister Armen Movsisyan announced that Metsamor unit-2 was to be replaced with a new nuclear power plant built on the same site at a cost of $2 billion. "The project's feasibility study is being carried out by Armenia, Russia, the US and the International Atomic Energy Agency. The old nuclear power plant is to be rebuilt within four-and-a-half years", he stated, clarifying that "many foreign countries now understand that Armenia must have a nuclear power plant." TAEK, which had recently denied claims in Today's Zaman that its latest protest to the IAEA was made in response to the RESAI early warning system indicating "an increase in radioactive leakage in the region," stating, "None of the radioactivity analyses or RESAI station measurements done up until now have uncovered radioactivity or radiation levels above normal," confirmed that it would be involved in following related developments and taking the necessary precautions from the Turkish side.



  • November 23 - The Mercosur parliament adopted a resolution recognising the “Armenian Genocide, perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire, which took 1.5 million lives from 1915 to 1923”. The Mercosur resolution also expressed its support for the Armenian Cause and called on all countries to recognize the genocide.




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