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The following is an overview of the year 2007 in Japanese music. It includes notable awards, lists of number-ones, yearly best-sellers, albums released, groups established and disestablished, deaths of notable Japanese music-related people as well as any other relevant Japanese music-related events. For overviews of the year in music from other countries, see 2007 in music.






The following is a list of the top 10 best-selling albums in Japan in 2007, according to Oricon.[1]

Rank Album Artist
1 Home Mr. Children
2 Black Cherry Kumi Koda
3 All Singles Best [ja] Kobukuro
4 The Best Damn Thing Avril Lavigne
5 A Best 2: White Ayumi Hamasaki
6 Ai Am Best Ai Otsuka
7 A Best 2: Black Ayumi Hamasaki
8 Ketsunopolis 5 [ja] Ketsumeishi
9 Can't Buy My Love Yui
10 Greatest Hits [ja] Sukima Switch

Albums released[edit]

The following section includes albums by Japanese artists released in Japan in 2007 as well as Japanese-language albums by foreign artists released in the country during this year.

Groups established[edit]

Groups disestablished[edit]

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